Not to be confused with Agent Zero .
Name Zero
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Jaw Dropping Reveal Here"

Zero is a Level ? Stu, and an imperfect biological clone of Adrian.


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Zero is a genetic copy of Adrian, but his appearance is slightly different, probably because he hasn't been affected or physically altered as the Librarian has due to the antics of Tash. Because of this circumstance, his appearance is what Adrian's natural features would have been before becoming a Counter Guardian and the Librarian. The differences are most apparent (ignoring cat ears and tails) is in thier hair and eye color: Adrian's hair color is white, while Zero's is light brown, and where Zero's eyes are pale pink, Adrian's eyes are violet.


Despite being created as a near-identical creation of Adrian, Zero is more light-hearted than his Librarian counterpart. He is witty and sarcastic to friend and foe alike, and often converses with his opponents in battle (though they can be rather one-sided at times). Even though he acknowlodges that he is a copy of Adrian created by Runoa, he believes he is his own person and acts according to his own values such as his betrayal of Runoa and refusal for prohibition and asylum when offered by the Society.


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Weapons and Abilities[]

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