Name Wisdom
Gender Male
Age Old
Introduced In "Insert Wandering Kamikaze Shrubs Here"

Wisdom is one of the Sovereigns, the group of Immaculated Sues and Stus who serve Runoa directly. By the Sue ranking he is defined as a Level 10.


Wisdom is a master of combat, and his age and experience mean that there are very few fighting styles, magical abilities and weapons that he is unable to counter. He has a particular fixation on Michael, who beat him some time ago whilst in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom.


Wisdom appears to be at least a hundred years old. He is five foot four (he is actually five foot eight, but he usually walks around hunched over) with deep brown eyes which are full of knowledge. He has a long silvery beard, which prior to becoming a Sovereign, was bushy, and he has an unbelievable number of wrinkles. He usually wears black and white robes, and he walks with a cane.


Given his age, Wisdom likes to take things slowly initially and think situations over before acting on them. He considers strategy to be very important, and is very impressed by good planning (which is one of the things that endears Runoa to him). He dislikes rude people, those who do not respect their elders, and being interrupted. As of the Dark Tournament, he also has a particular distaste for internet memes.


Prior to becoming a Sovereign, Wisdom was known as Keria, a background character in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom, who took part in the Dark Tournament, when the corruption of another Stu caused the one hundred and thirty seventh tournament to replay itself with the Stu as Team Toguro’s manager. When the Society entered, they were forced to win their way through the tournament. Keria was Michael’s first opponent and quickly proved his martial arts prowess despite his age. He showed no surprise over the Darkness, and quickly reduced Michael’s primary means of attacking to dust. Realizing that a regular strategy would not work against Keria, Michael proceeded to try a random strategy, summoning several Darklings and a boombox, and Rickrolling Keria in front of the whole tournament. Keria was defeated and the Society progressed to the next round.

Reports indicate that after the Tournament, Keria travelled in search of new techniques to master. During the course of his travels he found Runoa. Whilst being beaten by her, she was none the less impressed by his skills and offered him the option of Immaculation to become the strongest fighter around. Keria took the offer and became Wisdom.

Wisdom first appeared as a Sovereign in the Minecraft fandom, blowing up a courtyard in order to confront Michael alone. After revealing his identity, Wisdom proceeded to beat Michael up. The Chief Agent managed to escape, having Phoenixia transport him into a project he made earlier in the game – a 100x100x100 stack of TNT, with a tiny hollowed-out space in the middle for the opponents to stand. Tricking Wisdom inside it, Michael detonated the TNT, and caused the server to crash. Phoenixia disconnected Michael and Tash from the game before they could be erased, while Passion managed to do the same for Wisdom.

Powers and Abilities[]

Wisdom prefers to fight with his fists, being a lethal martial artist and combat specialist. There is probably not a single fighting style in the multiverse that he is not familiar with, and he has formulated strategies to combat every single one of them. He is rather keen on discovering the weak point of a combat style or armor, and he is adept at finding the exact spot that will cause all his opponent’s defence to crumble away.

Wisdom’s age and experience mean that there are very few combat styles that can compete with him, as he knows all their weaknesses by heart.