Willowe Foxblade
Willowe Foxblade - Movie, by Mei1105.jpg
Name Willowe Foxblade
Gender Female
Age 23
Introduced In "Insert Poncey Sounding Elvish Here"

Willowe Diamond Honeysuckle Allisonette Ravenne Hyacinth Aurelia Sakurelle Dewdrop Arwennia Heliotrope Appleflower Sandriline Delilah Aphrodite Bob Yuffiana Swainsona Vipertooth Foxblade the Third (in Japanese fandoms sometimes rendered as ウィーロ・フォクスブレイド Wīro Fokusubureido) was a Level 10 Sue.


"Is your character the bearer of a hitherto unknown 'extra' ring? (You know, 'Three for the Elven Kings under the Sky, Seven for the Dwarf Lords in their Halls of Stone, Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die, One for the Dark Lord on his Dark Throne, and one left over for Willowe Foxblade, half-elven princess of Gondor with ankle-length auburn hair and a spitfire personality'?)" -The Lord of the Rings Litmus Test, which the first Society fic was based on.

Willowe was the arch enemy of the Anti-Cliche and Mary-Sue Elimination Society, and the reason for the Society’s initial founding.


Willowe was 5’7", with flowing auburn hair, the length of which varied between waist-length and ankle-length depending on which sounded prettier at the time; generally it was shorter in a realistic fandom and longer in a cartoon or anime fandom. Her eyes were violet and were known to carry 'mystery' and 'the pain of a tragic past' in them. Her skin was flawless and she was known to have ample breasts, a slim waist, a toned stomach, perfect thighs, and a bottom that any woman would commit murder for. She was also known to have elegant hands and a melodious voice, that frequently called to mind a chorus of angels singing in perfect harmony.

Depending on the fandom, Willowe’s costume generally varied; however, she enjoyed anything which showed off her beauty to the maximum. She was rarely seen in a fandom without her trendy rucksack, or her lime green iPod Nano, or her hot pink Motorola Razr (which the Society discovered was untraceable and for some reason never needed charging - the same goes for her iPod). According to Harriet (and later confirmed by Emily), Willowe had a mortal fear of cake - possibly because she feared that eating it would ruin her figure.


Willowe cared a great deal for her sisters, and in the beginning claimed that she was merely taking over fandoms to find a place where they could all settle down and be a proper family. Her behaviour turned more sinister as time went on, so whether Willowe still desired this goal deep down was unknown.


Willowe was originally created by Harriet in the fanfiction “The Lost Girl of Middle Earth” (now mercifully deleted from the archives) as a lost elf princess made to be matched with Legolas. However, Harriet eventually destroyed all copies of the story, except for (to known date) one copy left behind on a green floppy disc. The lack of a watching audience fed Willowe’s hatred of Harriet, and left her stranded in the Lord of the Rings fandom for many years, until finally she had amassed enough power and age to take the fandom by force. At this point Harriet became aware of Willowe’s actions, and formed the Society to track her down.

Willowe’s parents were tragically killed in a freak accident onboard a ship involving Lord Voldemort (no one is quite sure how this happened and Willowe certainly does not want to talk about it). Until she was fifteen, she lived with her five sequel fodder rebellious younger sisters. Willowe’s sisters are Holly (19), Juniper (17), Ashley (13), Aspen (13) and Palm Tree (12). She also had a long-lost newly-found older brother called Alastor.

Until recently, as a level eight (ten in the new system) Mary-Sue, Willowe had the power to generate her own plotholes at will, meaning no-one was ever sure which fandom she would strike in next. However, during her last attempt to disrupt the Society, she attempted to steal the green floppy disc from Harriet, which contained the last remaining copy of her fanfiction on it. The assumption was that she was planning to use the fanfiction to remove all her limitations, and increase her powers to the maximum. Harriet, however, was able to take the disc back, and edit out her middle names, her beauty, and her talent from the original script, thus stripping her of most of her powers. Four Prohibitors (one on each wrist and ankle) took care of the rest. To prevent her followers from attacking the Library to get her back, the Society chose to place her in the Twilight fandom, thinking that there are so many Mary-Sues there that it would take her followers ages to find her. Her apparent actions involving the missing artifacts and the recruitment of other Mary-Sues to her cause was a mystery to the Society.

Willowe eventually escaped the Twilight fandom with the help of Runoa, who had gained power over Society bounds by taking a small amount of Cassie Anora's power, and freed all of the Sues in the basement from their Prohibitors, eventually launching an attack against the Society. She battled a weary and worn-out Adrian and managed to overwhelm him, even shattering his most powerful move, the Sovereign Testement Reality Marble. As it crumbled around them, she stabbed Adrian and prepared to kill him, but was surprised when the Librarian forgave her before unleashing his remaining energy in an attempt to take them all with him. Willowe and most of the stronger Sues and Stus surivived, but it practically wiped out her army. Afterwards, she and several others made their way to the Fourth Wall, getting past the various traps Adrian had placed to guard it, including the Unwritten and a riddle puzzle. Using the power of the Tabula Rasa, Excalibur, the Spear of Destiny, the Fountain of Youth, the Necrominicon, the Holy Grail, and the Rosetta Stone, she breached the Fourth Wall and cast the 'Red Skies Twilight' spell, letting fictional characters cross over to the Real World and strengthening them.

Once there, she traveled to the Sahara Desert, intending to build her castle there and turn the desert into a paradise as undeniable proof of her power and mastery over the world. She was briefly engaged by the Counter Guardians Saito Hajime and Aramayis, but both were swiftly defeated thanks to the Red Skies spell weakening them, since they had Real World counterparts. She then fought an enraged Tash and as the battle dragged on, argued how the Authors who had created Sues and Stus left them no choice except to become Sues and that her conquering the Real World was nothing more than following her nature, like any other being. Willowe was eventually slain thanks to Tash's Jurai-Ken Ougi-Seferaite, and in her last breaths, lamented the fact that for all their power, Sues and Stus could not change themselves and that she failed her creator by not 'growing up' before she died.

When Adrian met Willowe in Hell, she revealed she had been involved with Adrian in a past life, although to what extent is unclear.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Willowe was skilled in a wide range of weaponry, and was exceptionally deadly without it too. Her Sue powers are highly advanced to the point where anyone (male or female and regardless of sexual orientation) will instantly fall in love with her, and she can do no wrong in their eyes. She has the ability to warp canon to the extent that it barely resembles its former self (this is a Society hypothesis of her powers, since she has never been allowed to get this far before agents have been dispatched to remove her). Willowe gained the ability to transform her physique into that of a young man for purposes of disguise, going by the name of William Fox. The incredible obviousness of this disguise is often ignored due to Willowe's irresistible charm.

Willowe’s power is a result of several factors. Firstly her age (she was two years older than Harriet) meant that she has had eight years to accumulate power whilst residing in an abandoned fanfiction. Her rage against her creator also gave her a significant boost in power, not to mention an incredibly malicious and merciless attitude. She also had a vast knowledge of fandoms and how Sue powers can manifest themselves. Her age and experience made her a cut above most ordinary Mary-Sues, as does the fact that she had survived for as long as she did.


  • Willowe is often referred to in the Society as 'Harriet's Satanic Offspring'. No one has ever called Willowe this to her face, however (and would probably be foolish to do so)