Name Willie
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Extremely Cheap Fist Style Here"

Willie is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



Willie is about 5'5", has black eyes, and straight black hair, cut short so as to only go near the nape of his neck. His skin is sallow, looking as if it hasn't seen sunlight in years, and his face is covered with many small scars and one large scar running from the top left of his forehead to his left eyelid, remnants of his original organization's battle with the Society. He's of average build, meaning that his physical strength is limited.

His outfit normally consists of a bizzare one-piece skin tight suit of black armor, undecorated except for two gold bands at the wrists. At his waist he has a belt, something that's only purpose is to hold is weapons, two silver razors, folded and in holsters when not in use. His feet are covered in black leather shoes rather than the armor, which offers less protection but more movement.

When in a fierce battle, his outfit changes to more traditional black armor, with a black bladed katana sheathed on his back.


Willie is, at his core, a killer, and a sadistic one at that. He truly enjoys the act of murder, and seeks to perfect it, making him not just kill, but make a show out of it, always finding new ways to end someone's life. Off the battlefield, however, Willie is much different. He considers himself above the insanity of the rest of the Society, but ignores his own somewhat childish traits. He alternates between a less mature, more fun loving personality and a hard to incite more emotionally repressed one. He is also fiercly loyal, but in the way of first bond overcomes the others, allowing him to be loyal to one organization and fake loyalty to another on its order. His loyalties currently are soley in the Society now that the CCMP is gone, but there is still some bad blood, both because of that and his sadist side.


Willie joined the Society during the flood of new members back towards the beginning, and his first mission was to the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo fandom with Michael to apprehend a Stu and Sue pair. Michael ended up killing the male, while the female escaped, despite having her beauty stolen by Willie's Revelation of Truth attack. This led to Willie telling Michael a story about being the main character of his own fandom before Willowe came and took it over, forcing him to leave.

This story turned out to be a lie, as during his next mission Willie revealed to be a part of a rival organization attempting to take over all fandoms and attempting to accomplish this goal by finding a set of five artifacts hidden within five Sues. He accomplished the goal of finding these artifacts, but not before making several bonds among the Society. This lead to him allowing himself to be caught in the act of delivering the final artifact, leading to the Society launching a full scale attack on his organization, destroying it and the artifacts before they could accomplish their goal. However, Willie, covered with scars from the battle, begged to be let back into the Society, with Tash letting him in for reasons unknown, with the condition being swearing a binding oath to remain loyal to the Society and a complete overhaul of his appearance and powers.

Later on, he got into an argument with Rhia over the destruction of her stove using Hellfire, which lead to him being the prime suspect in her supposed murder before being ruled out for having a lack of a connection with @. He then went into the Kick-Ass fandom with Cristoph and Ingrid to capture a Sue, which turned out to be Roxelana, the Sue responsible for Rhia's kidnapping, leading to Willie gleefully beginning to torture her with Hellfire, to no real effect.

Most recently, he entered the Rosario + Vampire fandom to save new recruit Inara from the Sue Princess Ruby Sapphire Emerald Heartgold, stabbing his razors into her stomach and blasting off her head with Hellfire. He then returned to the Library with Inara and walked off while she was distracted.

Weapons and Abilities[]

His main weapons are his two razors, both honed to be deadly sharp and eternally so, but he does have another weapon for deadly circumstances. His katana, visible whenever he enters his battle armor, can cut through any substance and is indestructible, but has a deadly cost, draining an ounce of blood every time he draws it.

However, more important than his weapons is his magic. He is exceedingly proficent in elemental magic, having mastered not only the Western four element system, but also the Eastern five element one. In addition, he possesses the ability to manipulate Hellfire, black flames that are much hotter than normal flames. While most of the time they just burn, the effects could vary, such as when Natsu of Fairy Tail was temporarily made into Willie's demon servant after ingesting them.


  • He is a huge Sailor Moon fan, and will rage instantly if hearing the dub mentioned. The most effective way to snap him out of it is to hit him with a frying pan.
  • He sometime engages in sparring matchs with Aster to determine which is more powerful, his Satanic powers or the powers of Selene. So far she has won almost every time.
  • Surprisingly, he has a good singing voice, but never sings in public for fear of people thinking he's soft. So far Inara knows.
  • His theme is "When You're Evil," by Voltaire.
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