The Wanderers: Edward, Nicky, Yulie, Nicholas, Cheryl, Rina, Maddie, Doug, Vespin, Lydia, Ivan, Terry, Melvin, Eric, Ingrid, James, Yee Lin

The Wanderers are characters employed by Author Doug to aid the Society in capturing Sues and protecting fandom timelines.


"Strike like an eagle with a fury of a lion," Wanderer's motto

Wanderers were originally characters allowed to wander to different fandoms; to explore them and understand better, hence their name. Some Wanderers, who decide to delve deeper into the knowledge of the fandom, actually stay there and become part of canon (however, they do not interfere with the original story) . They may learn skills and techniques used in the fandom, thus a variety of powers exist that the Author may use in times of need. Wanderers who "go native" have extensive local knowledge of places, thus enhancing the scope that may be necessary for a Society Agent to perform his/her duties. However, if they are called upon, they may not be avalaible in the fandom for periods of time thus Society Agents who need their expertise and local knowledge will have to ask the Author or the Wanderers themselves if they are available.

All Wanderers have basic military training before venturing out to the other worlds, most likely survival skills needed for the first year or two.

Ever since the appearance of Aryan, the Wanderers are getting more active in trying to eradicate the threat he poses. Thus the Author has decided to grant them their own personal team of skilled warriors, dubbed Dark Guardians, to counter threats as quickly as they appear. These threats may come in the form of powerful Mary Sues and Stus, given that Aryan has started collaborating with the PCMSPS to create more perfect beings. After Insert Another Classic War Story Here, they were officially disbanded for 'political reasons'. For Doug, it is because they have accomplished their main mission, the very reason they were established.

List of Wanderers[]

Douglas Kreig (name romanized similarly in German)

  • Wanderer knowledge: Blood+
  • Posts Held: Random halfling; 999 member; Dark Guardian team leader, Rapid Deployment Division; Society Agent
  • Nationality: German

Terry McCormick

  • Wanderer knowledge: Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Posts held: State Alchemist of Amestris- Desert Alchemist; 999 member; Dark Guardian team leader, Spec Ops Division
  • Nationality: American

Ivan Gredenko (Иван Греденко Ivan Gredenko)

  • Wanderer knowledge: Fate/stay night
  • Posts held: Legendary Hero- Archer-class; 999 member; Dark Guardian team leader, Ghillie Division
  • Nationality: Russian

Rina Kreig (name romanized similarly in German)

  • Wanderer knowledge: Shakugan no Shana
  • Posts held: Flame Haze- Onlooker of Peace; Dark Guardian female division, Captain
  • Nationality: German


  • Wanderer knowledge: Unknown
  • Posts held: Dark Guardian female division, Lieutenant
  • Nationality: Malaysian

Cheryl Ki

  • Wanderer knowledge: Black Jack
  • Posts held: Chief Medic/Doctor
  • Nationality: Korean

Vespin Otonashi

  • Wanderer knowledge: Combination of all the Wanderers above
  • Posts Held: Intelligence officer
  • Nationality: Japanese

Lydia Hei

  • Wanderer knowledge: All kinds of fandoms
  • Posts Held: Undercover Wanderer
  • Nationality: Japanese

Ingrid Nunn

  • Wanderer knowledge: None
  • Posts Held: Society Agent
  • Nationality: British

Dark Guardians[]

Dark Guardians are considered to be the extension of the Wanderers, aiding them to counter Aryan and his evil army of who-knows-what. They have been handpicked from the best of the best and trained further to have powers equivalent to that of a Wanderer. Each division consists of four members; modeled after the British SAS. At any given time, they can be called upon by their leading Wanderer and will head straight to battle. They are equipped with the most advanced weaponry and gadgets available, making them a formidable force to be reckoned with. Each division has its own specialty, as stated below:

  • Rapid Deployment: Quick to respond. Involves use of vehicles.
  • Spec Ops: Deep cover operation. Involves use of explosives.
  • Ghillie: Sniper. Enough said.
  • Excursion: Expect a lot of travelling for this one.
  • Swords: Anything that has to do with a bladed weapon.
  • Anti-vehicle: Missiles, RPGs, mortars
  • Anti-Mage: Specializes in magic.
  • Heavy Weapons: .50 caliber weapons fit this division
  • Specialist: Expect use of gigantic robots and spaceships
  • Female: Amazon Brigade

After Insert Another Classic War Story Here, they were officially disbanded for 'political reasons'

Note: They can only be called upon by their leading Wanderer, and are thus not available for use by the ACMSES.