Vladimir Van Helsing
Name Vladimir Van Helsing
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Completely Creepy Prison Here"

Vladimir Blade Spike Van Helsing is a Level 4 Stu.


Vladimir was formerly in the employ of Nameless, and was the first Stu captured successfully by Stephen.


Picture the most stereotypical vampire you can think of, and then make him a bishounen. Boom. You've got Vladimir.


He is fairly condescending, usually referring to Stephen as an insect. He is psychotically protective of the amusement park in Deadman Wonderland, and will ignore combat to repair damaged attractions.


Vladimir was used by Nameless to fight Stephen in Deadman Wonderland, his home fandom. He was easily able to overpower Stephen using his blood mecha, the Angel of Blood. After Stephen figured out his obsession with the amusement park, he blackmailed Vladimir into fighting him without using the massive Angel of Blood. Even using a smaller scale suit of blood armor, Vladimir was able to easily defeat Stephen after figuring out the trick behind his power 'Ironhide'. However, just before trying to drink Stephen's blood, the half-conscious Agent was able to get a Prohibitor around his neck.

Vladimir is now in the Basement.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Vladimir was a vampire, and a Deadman who broke the rules of the Deadman Wonderland fandom. Deadmen are only supposed to be able to use their own blood, but Vladimir was able to drink the blood of regular people and use that as well. This let him create a massive mecha, called the Angel of Blood. He is also able to make a smaller scale suit of power armor as well.