Viva Skerry
Name Viva Skerry
Gender Female
Age Late twenties
Introduced In "Insert Evident Demonic Contract Here"

Viva Fontaine Sirius Heather Shevon Cello Miriam Skerry (ヴィヴァ・スエーリ Bībā Sukēri) is a Level 5 Sue.


"I am a Sue because Young Mistress bid me so."

Viva would be a Level 6 Sue but for the following reason: she cannot be said to be "bending fandom to will" because until recently she knew no will but that of her master, Lela Koi.

Viva began existence as a demon in the Kuroshitsuji fandom. For those who know, there Lela effected a summoning similar to when canon character Ciel Phantomhive called forth the demon that came to be known as Sebastian. Ciel made Sebastian his butler who would assist him in his revenge, because that was what he needed; Lela made Viva a Sue governess who would protect her from the Society until the day she (Lela) died. The contract between Lela and Viva cost the former her dog ears and promised the latter eventual command of Lela's soul.


Viva is of average height and was previously described as having about the same stature as Lela. She was originally 5’5”, slender, and then slightly curvaceous. In the Crimson Shell fandom, after killing Lela, her appearance changed somewhat. Viva is more probably 5'6" now, and she's skinnier than ever (but not as thin as Emma Ai, for comparison). Her frame is meaner, her eyes are an otherwordly red, and her bones have become prominent in a lean face. Although her body is clearly young, something about her demeanour proclaims her to be undeniably an adult. Her age apparently adds sophistication to her already considerable dark beauty. Black-haired and black-clad, she has a cold and penetrating voice. As a demon, her words tend to take on wicked overtures.


Viva has proven to be very dangerous. She has preternatural abilities that became limitless whenever her master was put in danger. In the Kuroshitsuji fandom Viva nearly killed Agents Karissa and Tyler. As it is, she injured them such that they were both put in the hospital.

During her contract with Lela, Viva:

  • Could not lie to Lela
  • Could not intentionally let her come to harm
  • Had to follow orders
  • Had to appear when called for

When Lela issued an order to Viva the sign of their contract appeared on both their persons. On Lela, the circles of power manifested beneath her hair where her dog ears used to be. On Viva, the circles of power manifested on her palms.

Among other things, Viva has exhibited the ability of shapeshifting. She has morphed into a large cat in the Midnighters fandom to suit Lela's schemes, and she disguised herself as a smalll cat in Crimson Shell to eavesdrop on one of Lela's conversations. When Viva heard that Lela was going to turn herself into the Society - jarring with the "protect me from the Society until I die" - she determined that the contract was broken, and so her master no longer needed to live. That's why Viva killed her master (and canon character Shion), and she did devour Lela's soul before leaving Crimson Shell when she was unsuccessful in killing Karissa and Charis.

Even set free Viva continues to be regarded as a Sue first, demon second, so the Society will take action if she is detected in further fandoms in the future.