Vespin Otonashi
Name Vespin Otonashi
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Overuse of Nuclear Devices Here"

Vespin Otonashi is an ex-Wanderer and an ally to the Society.


The most powerful Wanderer, this 5'4" Wanderer has all the powers that the other Wanderers possess, bordering Mary Sue. The basics include Doug's healing ability, Terry's alchemy, Ivan's accuracy and Yulie's swordsmanship. However, all these brings a heavy toll on her body; her stamina wasn't enough to sustain all the powers she possess. In short battles, she would be overly powerful, but in a prolonged battle, she would be at the short end of the stick. Only Lydia, her cousin, will be able to control her powers (using one at a time; 10 second cooldown time each switch) when such need arises. She's normally in an office suit, but on some missions which requires her to blend into civilization, she would be wearing a Kingdom Hearts II Kairi's hybrid dress (as shown).

She is never found fighting alone. There would always be at least a Wanderer accompanying her during missions.

Everybody else calls her either 'Queen', 'Vespin-hime' or 'Vespin'. Only Doug, Ivan, Terry, Cheryl, Maddie, Rina and Lydia are allowed to call her 'Vespin-chan'.

After Insert Another Classic War Story Here, she acts as a second pair of eyes for Ingrid in her missions.

Power Ranking[]

  • Intelligence: A+
  • Wisdom: S
  • Strength: D+ (C)
  • Defense: A+
  • Weapons skill: Ranged (A+) Melee (S)
  • Magic: D-
  • Agility: A+

Weapons and Abilities[]

As an expert in dual weaponry, she either carries dual Mac-10 SMGs or dual katanas. With her combined abilities, your only hope of survival would be to outlast her in stamina (unless Lydia is there, then you're probably screwed).

  • Mac-10: Light SMG, Americanized Mini-Uzi. She carries two.
  • USP 45: Pistol. She carries two
  • Katana: She carries two