Name Venice
Gender Female
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Giant Suit of Armour Here"

Venice is a Level 5 Sue.


Venice was somehow geared to destroy her Author by any means possible. She believed that her Author had thrown her away by sealing her in a void of darkness. Of course, before that, she felt to have no meaning or purpose until the PCMSPS agents came along. They gave her a new purpose, and pushed her to put all her hatred on her Author who abandoned her. She first appeared in the Iron Man fandom; that was when Doug and Pete were tasked to capture her. With the help of Tony Stark (while being threatened by Neb), she got an exosuit from stolen plans from Author Doug's world. Of course, an army was mobilized to foil her plans (with Stephenie Meyer as collateral damage), so she had to escape.

When Doug was incapacitated, she went into the Surrogates fandom to take a Surrogate and codes for remote control, but the ACMSES sniffed her out and the place had been turned into a warzone similar to that of Terminator Salvation. She escaped when Rina was distracted by Ekard, who planned out Doug's assassination attempt. She was finally caught in the Rave fandom, but was physically and emotionally scarred by the Wanderers that she was let off while permanently prohibited.