Yannow I do actually kinda look like this. Kinda. In the style of my drawing, anyway. I wear glasses though, silver frames. Society-me is just me with a sword. ^^

Alice Victoria Wood
Name Alice Victoria Wood
Gender Female
Age 25
Country England
Occupation Pet Search Engine
Join Date 15 November 2009
Motto Blarghensaft!!

About me[edit | edit source]

It's an Alice!!! *glomps* It is me of the obscure literature.

I have taken on a role as a Wiki-gardener recently. Someone pass the fertiliser.

As I'm the one who's around and editing most of the time, I am the best bet to get a Wiki-related question answered. I'm on GMT, but I should be able to respond promptly.

The Wiki-Gardener Song[edit | edit source]

"I'm turning the red links blue, I'm turning the red links blue!! Oh why do you come to construe that I'm wasting my time on you? Oh I'm turning the red links bluuuuuuuueeee...YES!! I'm turning the red links blue!!"

RL People I've Glomped[edit | edit source]

Those last four were during the 14th of March 2010, when me and Em went to see Dancing on Ice.

My favourite pages[edit | edit source]

User Bawxes!![edit | edit source]

Me This user's main character is Alice Wood.
Me 2 This user also writes Robert.
Them This user's character's nemesis is Richard.
@ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ @ is here! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Society Logo.jpg This user is an agent of the ACMSES.
This user ships Alice and Robert: Glompshipping!!
G This user invented the Automatic Tailorisation Machine.
Nixie This user writes Phoenixia as a doctor.
This user is female.
+ This user has epilepsy.
HS This user is primarily Sanguine.
25 This user is twenty-five years old.
Aquarius SS.png This user is an Aquarian.
This user was born in the Year of the Tiger.
B! This user's favourite colour is Blue!
UoW This user is an English Graduate from the University of Winchester.
"Q" "Can I glomp you?" - Alice
ACMSES Shield.png This user likes heraldry.
This user plays Mah-Jongg.
This user likes astronomy.
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