Tyler Kahn
Name Tyler Kahn
Gender Male
Age Unknown (appears to be in early teens)
Introduced In "Insert Scary Dream-Related Name Here"

Tyler Kahn is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



Possibly the smallest Agent in the Society, Tyler is five feet tall and weighs 65 lbs. While to some people this would be a good thing, for Tyler it's an annoyance, as things can be kept away from him by raising them over his head. However, his size also gives him an advantage in that he can get in and out of very tight places without too much trouble.


Tyler's personality is not always fixed, but he is generally an extreme optimist. He enjoys jokes of all kinds, but is partial to annoying parting shots, as well as bad puns, possibly the reason he watches Dinosaur King. He is somewhat withdrawn, but will happily speak second.

Tyler has an extreme sweet tooth, evidenced by the fact that he is willing to steal from Adrian to satisfy it. He is actually reasonably adept at getting through the traps Adrian sets up, but not so adept at avoiding the Librarian's ensuing anger. He often skirmishes with Drake when they both want Adrian's food, but they have been known to work together.


Tyler joined the Society in a period of extreme boredom (i.e. right after school). Since then, he has liked his work. A lot. Possibly too much.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Tyler's weapon of choice is a ping-pong paddle that can morph into several different machines, depending on Tyler's current need. However, this mechanism rarely works on the first try, shown when it transforms into a small, yet fairly powerful, time bomb. This time bomb appears to be designed mainly for annoying Tyler, although he has used it once. Tyler's favorite use for the paddle is a 3-foot long staff shaped like a Lego axle.

Tyler is learning magic, and seems to be reasonably competent with it, although it has blown up in his face on at least one occasion, and fizzed out countless more. He is currently working on adapting different types of magic to the type he knows, allowing him to use techniques associated with that fandom, such as the Kamehameha from DBZ (he hasn't actually tried that).

Tyler is familiar with many kids' anime of similar vein to Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!. He also has a basic knowledge of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Bleach, and DBZ. He has extensive knowledge of almost anything that appears on 4Kids TV and Cartoon Network, but ignores almost everything else.

Deck Strategy[]

Tyler uses a Fiend deck, with a large amount of burn cards.


  • True to his status as a video game-type OC, he has exactly one set of clothes. This consists of a tie-dye shirt, a pair of long pants, two socks, and sneakers. Some (read: other characters of the author) believe these clothes to actually be part of Tyler. Neither Tyler nor his author will comment on this.
  • Also true to his video-game-ness, Tyler plays host to four pocket dimensions. The first resides in his stomach. The second two exist in his pockets. The last is in a small drawstring pouch he usually carries around. This pouch contains anything from rocks to high-power explosives. None of these explosives would logically work. All of them do.
  • Tyler dislikes pink to the point that large amounts of it can cause a small nervous breakdown.
  • Tyler is very good at standing on his head.
  • Tyler appears to have started an errand service in exchange for chocolate.
  • Tyler will eat almost anything. He appears to be unaware that this disgusts others.
  • Some quotes include: "You're the perfect one. How come I have to explain everything to you?" (Tyler to Faya on the Spectrobes fandom) and "Oh, muffins" (Tyler's way of keeping a low rating).
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