Two-Step Hula
Name Two-Step Hula
Gender Male
Age unknown
Introduced In "Insert Government Funded Male Cheerleaders Here"

Two-Step Hip Hop Disco Polka Rap Breakdance Hula the Fourth is a Level 5 Stu.



Two-Step wears a black suit that appears to be the standerd uniform for the Elite Beat Agents, the fandom where he was originated. Other than that he looks rather plain.


Two-Step is rather egotistical, and has an unwavering faith in his dancing ability. He is also briming with confidence.


Two-Step was first encountered by the Society when Ben and Jared were in the middle of a dance off in the EBA fandom in order to decide which of them was truly better at gaming. Before they could begin to dance Two-Step barged in and challenged them to a dance, Jared and Ben had their hats handed to them, and had to leave the fandom in shame. The two agents eventually returned with Ben's old mentor Fred, one of the Great Personae. Jared and Ben swiflty defeated Two-Step by constantly changing the music in the middle of one of his elaborate routines. Two-Step was arrested and taken back to the Library. At some point during the invasion of the Library he was killed; credit for this is claimed by General Idea of Jared's Little Plastic Green Beret, although many agents are skeptical as the LPGB's weapons are not very effective on full size targets, not to mention the fact that they were locked in Jared's lab at the time...although nobody can offer any other explanation.

Two-Step was encountered again by Jared when Jared's mind was being warped by the Sue Storm device. During this fight, Jared's mind was altered to the point he believed that he was Adrian, going so far as demonstrating technition secret arts. Two-Step ended this battle by setting off a series of explosive, when the blast went down, the simulation had changed and Two-Step was no longer a part of it.


Two-Step can dance extreamly well; he's even able to balance on his nose if he feels the need. Other than that he has shown the ability to summon a sword at will.