Tom, with his trademark scarf, rapier and hat.
Name Tom
Gender Male
Age 16
Introduced In "Insert Temper Tantrum Throwing God Here"

Tom is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


In his first Society appearance, Tom was described as having short brown hair, blue eyes, an adolescent moustache, the scraggly beginnings of a goatee, and a mild case of acne. He wore a battered brown hat, a long multicolored scarf, a brown trench coat, a black long-sleeved shirt, brown pants and hiking boots. According to Harriet, Tom's scarf has relevance in context to the popular Doctor Who series. Similarly, Tom's hat seems to hold great personal value, because it serves as his Berserk Button.


"We are a vigilante society operating out of a trans-dimensional library to hunt down overly perfect characters. Why do we need to do paperwork?" Tom on the need to do paperwork in the Society.

From what is known of Tom so far, he is a little brave and also a little skeptical. Being brave, he chose to join the Society despite the high possibility of his death (Adrian had died a while ago and the threat of the Sovereigns was already known). As for his skepticism, it extends at least as far as the Society's paperwork is concerned.

Ben needed to push Tom through the Plothole into the Call of Duty fandom to aid in the rescue of Doug. This has dampened Tom's reputation for bravery somewhat.


Michael brought Tom into the Society after a chance meeting in an unnamed fandom - or at least we assume it was chance, although Tom clearly knew about the Society beforehand and had an expressed desire to join. Quite soon after he passed the entrance test Tom made a quick enemy of Shirley, befriended Charis, received his Rookie mission in the Everworld fandom, and discovered his ineptitude at creating Plotholes, all in that order.

On his rookie mission he faced off against Allia Videc. He was unable to capture her and he escaped, narrowly missing the explosion that blew up half the fandom.

Much later Tom journeyed to the Pride and Prejudice fandom with Louise. He pretended to be her younger brother as a cover - because an unmarried, unchaperoned woman was frowned upon. During the mission he provided backup for Louise, and at the end he helped save the Sue from a group of drunken men who wanted to hurt her.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Prohibitor Dart Gun[]

Tom had this innovative gun made to capture Sue Allia Videc in the Everworld fandom, but it ultimately failed to achieve results. Tom has resolved to make improvements to the gun before his next mission.


It appears to be a normal sword with no added special abilities. However, Tom intends to have it strengthened against canon weapons.

Loose the Hounds[]

By yelling out this phrase Tom can call a pack of war dogs to leap at his enemies.


  • Tom traded Charis 'Jave Harron's Trans-Human Upgrade blueprints' in exchange for constructing his dart gun.
  • Tom has identified himself as an archaeologist, possibly in the same sense as Dave and Louise.
  • Tom claims he has studied with some of the finest sword masters in the fictional worlds, which explains how well he can use his sword.
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