Theresa "Terrie" Bridges
Name Theresa "Terrie" Bridges
Gender Female
Age 20
Introduced In "Insert Inaccurate Historical Reference Here"

Theresa "Terrie" Bridges is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


"I'm cute and adorable and everybody loves me! You cannot resist the cuteness! Mwahahahaha!" -Terrie

Terrie is a member of Valerie's team of agents, one of its primary "fighters." She is an expert in nearly all non-modern weapons (swords, bows, throwing weapons, etc.), and when she's not burried knee-deep in the fantasy section of the Library, she's in the salle, practicing whatever weapon or fighting style she's taken a fancy to this week.

Physically, Terrie's not much to look at. She's quite short, barely reaching 5'3, and is surprisingly large for her height, though most of that weight is muscle from practicing so much (and she's determined to lose the rest). She has a heart-shaped face, dark brown hair that almost looks black, skin that tans under a desklight, and enormous, sparkling brown eyes. Her hair varies in length, depending on the time of year, but it's never been longer than shoulder-length. Currently it's very short, cropped around her ears, deep redish-brown, and side-parted. Terrie's outfit changes with her mood, and many have wondered if she stole the Luna Disguise Pen from the Sailor Moon fandom, what with how she seems to change clothes in the space of an eyeblink. However, when asked about this, she insists on her innocence in the matter.

Appearances aside, Terrie is an incredibly friendly sort. She loves meeting new people and making new friends, and her outgoing and bubbly nature rarely fails to attract attention. She often flirts unconsiously with the males (and females) she meets, and is rarely without a date offer from at least one of them. Nonetheless, she believes in true love, and seeks it continually. Among the few negative social traits Terrie posesses is a tendancy to talk too much - which isn't really an issue, since most of her friends like to listen - and the fact that she's easily offended. However, despite the girl's natural outgoing and friendly attitude, there is a shyness and insecurity that comes to the surface all too easily if provoked.

Terrie is very close to all the members of her team (though she and Monika seem to enjoy daily spats), but there are very few people in the Libary with whom she's not on friendly terms.

Unique Abilities and Items[]

"I have a rather large horde of sharp and pointy objects at my disposal. Do you really wanna mess with me?"


Terrie has taken about a year's worth of karate classes, but her real expertise is weapons. If it's anything mideval, be they swords, daggers, bows, clubs, staves, axes, or anything, then Terrie knows how to use it, and use it well. Her current favorite is a set of throwing knives, though she doesn't go out on a mission without her sword, Denkouno Ude (Arm of Lightning), at her hip. Terrie enjoys showing off her skills to whoever will watch, and takes it upon herself to help train some of the Society's rookies in armed combat.


Due to an accidental-on-purpose mishap with a Oneshot, Terrie now has Valdemaran Mage-Gift. Her abilities with such are currently untested, but she is determined to find out just how much she can do with her newfound powers. It's highly possible probable that there will be casualties in this venture.


Like her team leader Valerie, Terrie also posesses a touch of Bardic Gift in her voice, though her's is mostly for show (as oppossed to manipulation of emotion). It is a small gift, but years of practice have allowed her to call it forth without thinking about it, so she uses it primarily as a distraction for her enemies.


  • Terrie hates her first name, Theresa, and tolerates being called by that only grudgingly.
  • Terrie is most often found in platform boots to increase her admittedly minimal height ratio. She does not, however, wear them on missions, as they would only hinder her. Again, how she changes out of them (along with the rest of her outfit) is anybody's guess.
  • Terrie's fingernails are so short as to be nearly nonexistant.
  • In addition to English, Terrie speaks Japanese, Vulcan, a little bit of Mandarin, and Tolkien Elvish. She can also immitate near-perfect accents from any part of the UK.
  • Terrie has a fascination with purple fairies, and her room is covered wall-to-wall with posters by Nene Thomas and Amy Brown.
  • Terrie greatly dislikes chocolate (much to the horror of her friends), and so is not at all tempted to steal Adrian's chocolate. Gummi bears, on the other hand...
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