Changes regularly
Name Changes regularly
Type (technical or magic) Technical
User The Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society
Introduced In "Insert Hell or High Water Here"
The Yacht
Make Yacht
Length 80’

The Yacht is a large boat in the service of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


The multiple-deck cruising yacht has everything one would assume a mundane, non-luxury yacht of eighty feet would have. It contains berths enough for a large mission in several staterooms, a pair of bathrooms, a galley, plenty of dinghys and multiple decks. It certainly seems to be sturdy and resilient enough to endure plotholes, fandom-related time jumps, being rammed by Liopleurodon, All-Purpose Cavity Plot Insulation and French Toast.

The yacht’s name has been changed so much it is unlikely that a single name will ever be decided on (and it’s more fun that way).


  • The wheel house is high-tech enough to be efficient but not as much to be confusing. There is a large radar and sonar system, a radio, a ship’s wheel and other controls for the vessel’s movement and sensors.
  • Propulsion is achieved by both powerful engines and large sails.
  • Diving equipment such as a specific diving platform, lines and tanks.
  • Heavy-duty fishing equipment such as rods, nets and bracers.
  • Tender cranes and tanks large enough to store a lot of fish…including a certain very large plesiosaur.


Harriet purchased the large boat for the unexpected mission to Sea Monsters, using the Society’s budget and cheerfully slashing both the tech budget and Gareth’s.

The team that came on the mission were able to follow the canon Ancient Mariner through a couple of different prehistoric eras, and though they were unable to apprehend Ocean Fields, they still returned jubilant and with a new pet, Fish Finger.

The yacht underwent several mutinies and subsequent name-changes during the mission, and still no-one can agree on a name. During Sea Monsters, the boat’s name went from:

  • The Swanny, named by Harriet,
  • to Braaaaiiiinss, named by Red’s zombies,
  • to Blarghensaft, named by Alice,
  • to The Flying Underpants, named by Tash,
  • to The Yellow-Finned Tuna, named by John
  • to HMS Royal Oak, named by Gareth.