The Trident
The Trident.
Name The Trident
Type (technical or magic) Technical
User Alice
Introduced In "Insert Unprepared Campers Here"
The Trident
Make Peel Trident
Registration TRD 241D
Year 1966
Colour Capri Blue
Length 183 cm (6’0”)
Width 107 cm (3’5”)
Curb weight 90 kg (189 lb)
Seats 2
Body style One door coupé
Layout Rear engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine 125cc Vespa microengine
Transmission 5-speed manual
Top speed 80 mph

The Trident is a small personal vehicle used by Society agent Alice.


The Trident is the simple name for Alice’s light blue Peel Trident. It is an extremely small car, just big enough for two people, and has a large hemispherical Perspex ‘bubble’ that serves as its window. It opens like a clamshell to allow access to the inside. Its dashboard is small and compact, with a Trident symbol in the centre and a one-spoke steering wheel among the few driving instruments.

It is the smallest car used by the Agents by far; as one of the smallest production cars in history, it is compact enough to be driven down the Library’s corridors. It is light enough to be towed by hand, but its size and relative slowness would make it somewhat less of actual use on missions.

The Trident only has three wheels, one in the back and two in the front, but this configuration actually makes it relatively stable, especially since its back wheel has been refitted into more of a large double-wide wheel to add extra stability in the case of reversing or an accident.

The Peel Trident, as a make, was the one proclaimed to be ‘The Jetsons’ and ‘the sports version’ of the Peel P50 – its sister car, and even smaller than it – which was showcased on Top Gear.


  • Reverse gear, new engine, wider back wheel and unleaded cylinders: The original doesn’t have them.
  • Something that makes the wheels disappear: Built around the wheels and the back of the Trident and activated by hitting the Trident symbol on the dashboard, this mod is incomplete, and its use is currently unknown.
  • Alice is intending to see if her goggles can link into the Trident’s systems when driving to provide visual feedback.


From what had been discerned, Alice was lucky enough to snap it up at a car boot sale on a mission into some close-to-Real-Life fandom for only a couple of months’ wages. The Trident’s registration proclaims it to be from 1966, but since the fandom was set in 1974, the car was only eight years old. The previous owner had replaced the previous 49cc engine (which made the little car’s top speed reliant on what one had for breakfast than anything else) with something a bit more powerful, and subsequently installed a better gearbox, reverse gear and unleaded cylinders. Apparently the previous owner, whom Alice described loosely as ‘some curly-haired dude with a long scarf’ had also installed some more unusual gadgetry which had gone awry and thus had sold it.

Alice first introduced the Trident to the Society when she suggested using it to carry their luggage for the camping trip to the New Forest. Many curious hands, surprised at the diminutive car, examined it, and discovered that one of the gadgets was some incomplete modification, causing the wheels to disappear upon activation. After deciding it was far too small to even carry a third of the luggage they were taking, let alone the people too, Alice drove it through the Library back to the cupboard under the stairs where she keeps it.

Alice is intending to prod Jared into helping her figure out some of the little car's non-standard mods.