The Great Personae are a group of beings created by the creative energy of the universe. It is their job to protect this creative energy by recycling it and protecting individuals that are vital to it.


"Creativity made manifest. They are, quite literally, their genre given human form. There is one for every genre in the universe, and many have Lesser Personae under them for sub-genres." -Ben, when asked to explain the Personae.

The Personae live in a great hall styled to look like a Grecian temple, where the creative energy of the universe congregates. The energy is channelled into one of the Personae, depending on what genre or sub-genre it was used to write. The Personae each have their own rooms in this temple, which are more like physical realms than actual living spaces. The Personae can aid any wandering writer in need of inspiration by providing them with vital creative energy, and in extreme cases will help expunge powerful Sues and Stus from works of literature, although this is quite rare.

It is possible, however, to reject the influences of the Personae. Author #12 is quite known for doing this, preferring to work "independently". She has been since punished with lingering writer's block, although technically she exists outside the Personae's influences in any case.

Currently known Personae[]

Higher Personae[]


  • Great Persona of horror
  • Unique Powers: Unknown


  • Great Persona of comedy
  • Unique Powers: Unknown


  • Great Persona of romance
  • Unique Powers: Apparently, just by talking to her you can wind up married with children. Ben claims that this has happened to him personally.


  • Great Persona of crack
  • Unique Powers: True to his genre, Fred has many powers, including summoning massive piles of mashed potatoes, using the folds of his 800-pound mass as a hammer space, and using his emotive mustache Larry for radio communication. Fred is the one who taught Ben all that he knows about nuking and coffee blasting. Depite his massive weight, Fred experiences no health problems and can move nearly unhindered. He is currently wandering the Multiverse in search of culture and sophistication, most likely to try and put a stop to it. He was last seen leaving the Twilight fandom after dropping a pile of mashed potatoes on the protagonist.


  • Great Persona of epic poetry
  • Unique Powers: He has a large longsword and can teleport people. He can also make up poetry on the spot. He is the strongest of the Personae. He was "corrupted" by Stu energy and escaped somewhere - it was later revealed that the corruption was so deeply rooted he became a Stu himself. He was first seen in this form in the CoD5/Nazi Zombies fandom where he had merged the campaign of the game with the Nazi Zombie bonus mode. Using the Sue Storm device stolen from Deraj, he seized control of the fandom and began attacking the Soviet and American armies. Using his immense power he crafted the Landkreuzer P 1500 Monster, a tank that was never built, and with it began to attack various Society Agents.

Lesser Personae[]


  • Lesser Persona of M-Preg
  • He is feared by many of the other Personae - and pretty much everyone else. He works under Maria.