The Circle are assumed to be a group of sorcerers in thrall to Merle.


"The Circle are up to something...but we don't know what." - Robert
"When are The Circle not up to something?" - Louise

Very little is known about The Circle as a group, even down to the number of members. All that the Society as a whole know is that they are referred to as 'Merle's pet sorcerers', although this appears to be a derogatory moniker.

It is suspected that Louise and Robert know more about the Circle, given that they both worked alongside them for a time; but both are, at present, unwilling to divulge any further information.

List of Known Members[]

  • Conflict, the supposed leader of the Circle.
  • Mathias, who apparently was able to appear in Louise's room at 3am.
  • Kelam, also a member of the Witch-Hunters, ordered around by the rest of the Circle.