Terry McCormick
Name Terry McCormick
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Sharpeyed Gunslingers Here"

Terry McCormick is an ex-Wanderer and an ally to the Society.


He is the second worst thing you could ever encounter after Douglas Kreig. Basically, he stands at 5'11" with blonde hair, blue eyes and ethnically American Caucasian. Most of the time he will be in the Author-designed military uniform, otherwise he would be in a red T-shirt and black pants. His residence in the FMA fandom was due to the fact that he wanted learn more about alchemy. His nickname is Desert Alchemist; he can manipulate sand or soil (or anything made out of silicon for that matter) to his favour, making weapons or sculptures and move them autonomously. He also had his transmutation circles tatooed on his palms so that he could imitate the clapping hand motion by alchemists who have seen the "Truth". However, due to its power, he only uses it when up against a powerful adversary.

As a 999 member, he is known as "Special Operative" due to his expertise in close-quarter battles with a knife. A recorded mission stated that he had charged against a bayonet charge with a knife and eliminated all enemy combatants. He also controls a personalised Dark Guardian team, which is picked solely to fit his fighting style.

After the events of Insert Another Classic War Story Here, it is unknown what he does, but he occasionally watches over Ingrid in her solo missions.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Since he's trained in both Amestrian and modern, he's most likely to take the upper hand in battles among other Wanderers. Alchemy combined with modern weaponry made him a lethal foe, but he can be overwhelmed if anything close to a zerg rush is thrown at him.

  • FN FAL: His primary assault rifle. He prefers its semi-automatic configuration for accuracy. The rate of fire is compensated by his quick trigger finger
  • USP 45: His sidearm. In his hands, it could fire as fast as a fully automatic G18 machine pistol.
  • Throwing knives: Look at him. Nuff said.
  • Katara: He has two of them. This weapon has been seen used on Deadliest Warrior and was the best at taking out Roman Centurions.

Power Ranking[]

  • Intelligence: A-
  • Wisdom: S
  • Strength: B
  • Defense: B+
  • Weapons skill: Ranged (A) Melee(A-)
  • Magic: A-
  • Agility: B+
  • Charisma: B-