Name Tato
Gender Female
Age 15
Introduced In "Insert Real World Country Name Here"

Tato is a Level 5 Sue.


An evil version of Chrys, Tato is a ravage, revenge-heavy cowgirl/piece of art/SOMETHING Sue out to spite Chrys and destroy anyone who gets in her way.


The "flirtatious bad girl who steals Chrys's men", Tato was created as joke art when Chrys's Author became displeased with a drawing of Chrys and scrapped it. One of the Author's friends K discovered the scrap and recolor-mutated it into Tato as a joke. Tato, however, escaped K's clutches and went into the Hetalia fandom under the name of Thetania Andromedia Trillieam Odette.

Tato, as her title implies, is constantly capturing with her Sue powers the hearts of characters in various fandoms; for example, in the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom, she went after Japan specifically because she knew that Chrys has a soft spot for him (mostly because of his voice actor).

Chrys accosted Tato with Mizuho's help in the above fandom and managed to place a single prohibitor on the Sue. Tato escaped, however, reminding Chrys mockingly of the half-demon's Sue origins.

Tato later appeared in the Phoenix Wright fandom without her Prohibitor, but was not captured.

When Aster wanted to make Chrys better from the shock of Adrian's death she took her to the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne fandom along with Akai in order to accost Tato. She had taken the name of Toruta Nagoya (名古屋とるた Nagoya Toruta), a name that is ironically not Japanese in any form. After teasing the three, she found herself unable to fight off Aster, and escaped.

Tato interested Runoa by showing her an interesting tape of Aster, and convinced Runoa that she was loyal; Runoa then took Tato to perform one of her experiments on her, leaving Tato's fate unknown...

Powers and Abilities[]

Tato has the standard-type Sue seduction powers; she also has a lasso that doubles as a whip.