Tabitha, in her basement cell.
Name Tabitha
Gender Female
Age 14
Introduced In "Insert Dubious Allegiances Here"

Tabitha is a Level 2 Sue who is currently a resident of the Library's Basement.


Tabitha is a young cat-girl. She is also known as Tabby.

Tabitha was caught at some point in the chaos of the aftermath of Willowe's invasion of the Library, while the Society were mourning the loss of one of their own. All information about her capture and home fandom has been lost, or was otherwise badly recorded.


Tabitha looks like a mixture of human and cat. She is principally brown in colour; both her skin and her hair are a lovely toffee shade. She has cat ears instead of human ears, poking up through her hair on top of her head, and a long fluffy cat tail, requiring her trousers to be adjusted to accomodate it. Her ears are dark brown with creamy fur inside, and her tail is dark brown with a cream tip and caramel-coloured tabby stripes. She has a few stripes on her skin, but these are mostly hidden by her clothes.

Although she looks more like a cat, Prohibition has defeated a lot of her non-human senses, making her currently less of a cat than Adrian is.


Tabitha is a very shy individual, jumping at the smallest sign of aggression. She is quiet and unassuming, seeming younger than she is. No-one knows how long she has been in the basement, but some suspect she has resigned herself to imprisonment and remains shyer than she ever was.

During Robert's time in the basement, he was good friends with Tabitha, who was his neighbour. Therefore he cares a great deal for her, her well-being, and what might happen to her in the future, making her the driving force behind his want to sort out the basement's welfare.


Tabitha was first really noticed in the Basement Incident when Louise took five of her fellow agents hostage. She did not cause any trouble during the incident, and was not subjected to Adrian's interrogations.

During the re-assessment of the risk levels of the Sues in the basement, Tabitha did not have her risk level changed, and remained in the yellow t-shirt.

Powers and Abilities[]

As Tabitha is already Prohibited, it can be assumed that her general cat-like appearance is naturally part of her, rather than a sign of Sueishness. She has a fully cat form, but she cannot change to it whilst Prohibited. She retains some acrobatic litheness, and her tail - unlike a cat's - is prehensile, meaning she can use it to grip, hold and control things with some dextrousness. It cannot hold her weight and she reports her tail is not like this when she is a cat.

It is not known whether she possesses any more powers or abilities.