Name Stormherald
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Shiny Hole in Time Here"

Stormherald, also refered to as "The Man in the Shadows", is a non-combatant patron to certain foes of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Not much is known about Stormherald, as he firmly keeps himself to himself, although the actions of Mesha Yana imply certain things about her patron. As he does not register on the Society's radar, he is not a Gary-Stu, although he has significant skill with technology and strategical thinking. He has access to Society gadgets from a possible future timeline, and some have speculated that he is in fact from the future himself, although this cannot yet be proven.

The Society have never encountered the man himself, and even Mesha only knew him as a man that stood in the shadows. Dave however, has come to associate a human figure with six black wings seen in his nightmares with him, perhaps a side-effect of Stormherald's use of psychic paper causing him to download some of his memories into Dave's head by mistake.

He is certainly responsible for Mesha's attempt to learn about the Society through espionage, and for making her the gadgets she used. However, it seems that he used her for his own ends, betraying her and ending her life when she ceased to be of any further use to him.

He also possesses a further assisstant/flunky/underling, in the shape of a red-headed character called Romani.