Name Stephen
Gender Male
Age 17
Introduced In Insert Dandy Talking Kendama Here

Stephen is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



Stephen is a new Agent, meaning he hasn't gone insane yet. His attention span is nothing to brag about, due to his ADD, and he tends to quickly show up whenever anyone mentions the word "shiny".


Stephen is a roughly 5'6" Caucasian American. He has short, dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. His usual dress consists of a blue t-shirt, khaki cargo shorts, glasses (although he may sometimes put in contacts), and his orange, wide-brimmed hat. He is akin to Indiana Jones in his protection of his hat, meaning he will use any means necessary to get it back if it's stolen.

In short, DON'T DO IT.


Stephen started writing at a young age, and his first piece of fanfic was set in the Mar fandom. He admits that the main character was a Gary Stu.

His rookie mission, hunting down Absicus Oldspice-icus, was in the Mar fandom. He was nearly beaten by Absicus, who he recognized as somehow being the main character of his first fanfic, despite obvious differences (obvious differences being about a hundred more pounds of muscle). Though wounded, he was able to semi-break Absicus' knee, forcing the Stu to retreat.

Before Absicus could retreat, however, he was cut down by another Stu, that revealed himself to be the true main character of Stephen's first fic. Absicus had just been a copy. Stephen couldn't remember the Stu's name, so the Stu took up the title of Nameless. After destroying Stephen's Plothole Generator (which he had stolen earlier), he offered him a chance to escape. Stephen used a Scene Transition to escape to Absicus' treasury, where he found an in-fandom item that allowed him to escape from the fandom. Unfortunately, he sent himself to Twilight, where Michael and Drake rescued him. He suffered minor exposure to the Twilight fandom, as well as wounds from his battle with Absicus, but was otherwise unharmed.

Not long before the events of Adrian's revival, Stephen was sent on a week long journey through the Multiverse to find a weapon by Tash. After several days, he wound up in the Psyren fandom, where he was forcibly made to travel to the titular world (long story). He was trapped in Psyren for several days, honing the psychic abilities awakened by Psyren (another long story) and generally going insane. He was able to escape when he found and outwitted a Mary Sue named Genevieve Lucifia Sol, who opened a Plothole to Twilight for him in exchange for his freedom. In Twilight, Stephen enlisted the help of the Great Persona of Crack, Fred, to get back to the Library. After storing Stephen in his fat rolls, Fred promptly forgot about him for a few days. During this time, the other Agents had completely forgotten he was missing.

Not long after that, Stephen's... odd choice of pets came into the limelight. Before he had been sent on a hunt by Tash, he had acquired a certain Junior God and named it Lil' C. He kept it secret from his colleagues for as long as he could, the only ones knowing about it being Willie, Inara, and Tyler. During this time, he somehow discovered how to keep Cthulhu's present-day mindset from invading the body of its younger self. Also, he learned how to speak the Elder Tongue fluently. Lil' C's existence made itself known after Lil' C snuck into a Society meeting and downed a full flask of Firebrand Whiskey. Following a brief, and pointless, trial, Stephen was allowed to keep Lil' C, provided that he wash, and wax, The Phoenix Zord.


Power Scale[]

Main article: The Power Ranking

Intelligence: B-
Wisdom: B+
Strength: D+ (Normal) / B+ (With Rise) / N/A (Ironhide)
Defense: D+ (Normal) / B- (With Rise) / S (With Ironhide, except for blunt weapons)
Weapons Skill: C with some martial arts weapons, but D with firearms.
Magic: F (Absolutely no magic skill to speak of. Magic-based gadgets and items are rendered useless in his hands)
Agility: C (Normal) / B- (With Rise) / F (Ironhide)
Charisma: C (Normal) / C (With Rise) / F (Ironhide, because he's a freaking rock)



Rise is a type of Psy that increases his physical capabilities tenfold. With it, he is superstrong, can move at very high speeds, and jump almost twenty five feet with a running start.


The specialization of Stephen's Rise. He can turn his body into something a lot like stone temporarily, usually around five seconds. While Ironhide is active, he is immune to most damage, except for blunt weaponry, like hammers or really big fists, and is at risk of being broken. Also, he cannot move while using it, and it can be easily exploited by enemies who figure out how it works. When in use, the only indication is that his eyes turn gray. After using it several times in succession, it starts to get tiring and becomes less able to resist damage.

Bag O' Doodads[]

The Bag O' Doodads is a simple leather sack with a few everyday objects in it. Currently included is one white bouncy ball, three paperclips, a spool of black thread, a few rubber bands, a prism, a laser pointer, a mini-slinky, and an egg of Silly Putty. Stephen uses these items in a manner not unlike MacGyver.

Deck Strategy[]

Stephen has not played Duel Monsters in a while, but has a deck themed with Warrior and Dragon-type monsters.


  • Stephen is a very good whistler.
  • Taught himself how to read in preschool.
  • Has some survival and ropes skills from Boy Scouts.
  • Recently acquired a fear of mashed potatoes, ice cream trucks and vehicles.
  • After the Society discovered his super-strength, they frequently call on him to help with moving heavy objects.
  • Has almost no sense of balance. He could probably fall over while standing up straight.
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