Stacey Leming
Stacey - Society.jpg
Name Stacey Leming
Gender Female
Age 20
Introduced In "Insert Inaccurate Historical Reference Here"

Stacey Leming is an agent of Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Stacey is a member of Valerie's team of agents. She was born a radiant blonde, but has had to dye her hair to keep the color as it faded around adolescence. She has brilliant sea-colored eyes, and usually wears either glasses or contacts. Her skin is naturally tan due to the large amounts of time she spends outdoors. While she's not stick-skinny, Stacey is very slender and buxom, and often has many admirers. However, she is unquestioningly loyal to her boyfriend Don.

Her personality is a rarity - a gentle soul with a short fuse. In general, Stacey is probably the easiest person to like and get along with in the world. She is very empathetic and is always ready with a hug (sometimes whether you want one or not), but she also keeps her own emotions and personal wants bottled up inside her, and it's fairly easy for her to simply explode under the pressure. Woe be to anyone within a 50-mile radius when that happens. In short, though she's probably the friendliest and most outgoing person you'll ever meet, it's not smart to get in her way.

While she doesn't spend as much time in the Library as most agents, the time Stacey does spend there is either spent pulling pranks with Danielle, discussing magick with Valerie or Monika, or chatting randomly with anyone who'll talk. She occupies dual roles of "socialite" and "housemom" in the Library, and it's not common to see her tidying up one of the many reading rooms while laughing at a joke someone has told. In her room you're likely to find sketches and descriptions of her various OCs decorating the walls. Her time with the Society, she says, has been invaluable experience in fleshing out her characters and making them more real.

Stacey is very close to all the members of her team, and is on very friendly terms with practically everyone else. She's a very people person, and no one can stay mad at her for long.

Unique Abilities and Items[]


Stacey, like her team leader Valerie, is a powerful empath. In fact, her gift is stronger than Valerie's, but she has a great deal less control over this ability due to a complicated home life that continually makes a mess of her shields. Also, without any healing ability to counteract the downsides of empathy, Stacey usually doesn't make use of this power, as it sometimes makes her physically ill.


Stacey's primary gift is actually the ability to see the future. Most of the time her visions come to her in dreams, so she keeps a dream diary by her nightstand in which to record anything suspicious - though she does forget to do this sometimes. She can also get a strong sense of déjà vu for no obvious reason, and it's not unlikely for her to "know" that something's about to happen, even when awake. However, as most everyone knows, foresight is not the easiest of gifts to control, but Stacey works on her ability at every chance she gets.

Deck Strategy[]

Stacey is relatively new at Duel Monsters, but she quickly proved to be quite adept at the game under her boyfriend's tutelage. Her deck is comprised of fairy monsters, and she uses such cards as Sanctuary in the Sky and Valhalla to avoid damage while overwhelming her opponent with supperior attack force and clever backup strategies.


Main article: Ezra

Stacey has an alter ego named Ezra. Ezra is an expert at unarmed combat and ki manipulation, and can take over the use of Stacey's body just like a yami can.


  • Stacey is a huge Dragonball Z fan, and knows everything there is to know about the fandom. Also, before she met Don, she had a rather obsessive fangirl crush on the character Gohan.
  • Stacey is very good at all kinds of puzzles, be they picture puzzles, Rubik's Cubes, Sudoku, Tetris, anything. She once solved three 1000-piece puzzles in a single day.
  • Stacey is a camera whore - not meaning that she takes thousands of pictures of herself (just hundreds, geez...), but that she enjoys taking random pictures of any random thing.
  • Stacey often speaks in a complex language of meows and mewls. Surprisingly, it is not at all difficult to understand her when she speaks this way.
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