Name Spoiler
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In "Insert Inconclusive Science Experiment Here"

A Spoiler is a gadget used by Society Agents.


When viewed in normal conditions a Spoiler appears to be an octahedral (eight-sided) die. Six of its faces are blank and two of its faces have the Chinese characters for 4 (四) and 8 (八) painted on them.

A Spoiler is activated by throwing it to the ground. Despite the usual theories of probability associated with rolling a die, the Spoiler should only ever land with one of its painted sides face-up. A Spoiler invades its subject's mind and floods it with a barrage of information, some of which is relevant and some that is not. If the user of a Spoiler is trained correctly, they can pick images out of the stream of data and use them to determine their course of action in an emergency; this is similar to a Scene Transition, except Scene Transitions affect users automatically whereas the user of a Spoiler must still consciously carry out their actions.

A Spoiler can work on both Agents and Sues. If it lands on 四 - homophonous to the word "death" in the Chinese language - the Spoiler will impart its information to the Sue. Assuming that they are not prepared for the attack, Sues can be immobilized by sensory overload; the element of surprise will decrease with successive use. If the Spoiler lands on 八 - homophonous to the word "prosper" in the Chinese language - the Spoiler will impart its information to the Agent. Unprepared Agents can be crippled just as easily as the Sues the Spoiler is meant to work against, so it is recommended that Agents practise using Spoilers inside the Library before they ever take the gadget out on the field.

The Spoiler is a rather more specialized gadget that must be newly commissioned from a member of the Science labs whenever there is a desire to use one. Delivery of a requested Spoiler will usually take place within 10 to 12 hours following an order being placed.

  • As a diagnostic tool, it is suggested that Agents only need a Spoiler if they are entering a Black List fandom (or a fandom that should be on the Black List) in which a malfunction of the Scene Transition would be fatal.
  • As a sort of stun grenade, the Spoiler can be used freely, but Charis recommends portable detonatable strobe lights at lower cost to the Society.
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