Name Silver
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Bad Shinigami Reference Here"

Silver (シルバー Shirubā) was a Level 8 Stu.


Like all Bleach main characters, he was a "shinigami" (best translated as "death god") or "Soul Reaper". He dressed in black hakama and sandals and posses Sephiroth-like long silver hair. He was incredibly fast, more so than most Bleach characters, and was far tougher than he has a right to be, Adrian reporting that punching him was like trying to punch a brick wall. Due to his slightly twisted view of the world, he possessed a level of power unheard of for ordinary Stus, The Librarian requiring the aid of two super-strong canon characters to sudue the Stu (though this may be because Adrian was inexperienced at battling Sues). Luckily, his own twisted state of mind prevented Silver from realizing the raw power he has, even if someone told him so, and thus prevented him from tapping into its fullest extent. If he could, it could conceivably push him to a 7 or 8 threat level.

It was impossible for anyone to convince Silver that he was not perfect, no matter how obvious or simple the explantions are. Since his incarceration in the Library, numerous attempts were made to get him to shut up, including being dynamited, have a five-ton safe dropped on his head, and being forced to watch Barney over and over. (However, his insanity proved to be an effective defense.) Oddly, the other Sues and Stus locked away also attempted to silence their comrade's ravings that he is perfect, with no more success than the Society. As such, Silver and Harrison the Super Sayian have been put in the same cell and their massive egos kept them competing ever since to determine who was better.

Silver eventually escaped from the basement with the help of Willowe, and attacked Adrian, attempting to kill Emily Smith during the battle, declaring her a traitor. During the fight, it became obvious that his time in the basement did nothing for his sanity, as he declared over and over again that he is perfect, and as Aster pinned him in place with ice-spears through the foot and wrist, screamed about how they were all imperfections and should not exist in his world. He broke free and attempted to decapitate Aster, but he is killed when Adrian pierces his heart from behind.


"Shine, Tekogozan!" -Silver

Like all Bleach main characters, Silver possessed a Zanpauktō, a katana that was a piece of his soul and can grow and change in powers. He possessed two stronger states of his sword, Shikai and Bankai. (Being a Stu, Silver did not have to train for hundreds of years to master his Zanpauktō and thus already had Bankai). The name Tekogozan means 'Divine Light' and is a light-based weapon.

Shikai: Triggered by the command 'Shine, Tekogozan', the sword becomes an elegantly shaped weapon and Silver's clothes become a solid white, both him and his weapon radiating light. Tekogozan's hilt becomes so ornate and complex that no one but a Stu could hold it without getting bruises and welts on their hand. It was capable of unleashing power light-oriented attacks and somehow enabled Silver to hover...

Bankai: Unknown

Silver, being a Stu, was capable of using all high level kido (Bleach's equivalent of magic spells) without the incantion just by saying their names.