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Name Shirley
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Apocalyptic Philosophical Title Here"

Shirley the Cliché Stick is Ben's muse and partner.



Shirley is a 10-pound, 3-foot long, highly polished stick of wood with black eyes who has anger management issues. As Ben's muse and constant companion, it is Shirley's job to rebuke him whenever he starts using clichés or says or does anything stupid in general (considering Ben's personality, however, this is a frequent occurence). Shirley's preferred method of rebuking Ben invariably results in copious amounts of pain for him. Unfortunately for the rest of the Society, Shirley's sadism applies to anyone who ticks her off and she will gladly mutilate anybody, although she seems to harbor a specific grudge against Dave. Alice has managed to distract her with photographs of a French polished mahogany mantelpiece. In fact, her violence has become so widespread that Valerie has had to devote an entire treatment bay of the infirmary specifically to Shirley's victims.

It's not quite clear whether Shirley's violent tendencies are a result of pent-up frustration at Ben for repeatedly ignoring her criticism or whether she's just violent by nature. Either way, nobody's been brave enough to ask...

Like Ben, Shirley also has a taste for Heavy Metal, most likely acquired from hanging around him so much. The two have different opinions on the genre though, occasionally leading to arguments which in turn lead to Shirley beating Ben up.

Shirley and Ben have a daughter named Deebs. When a friend of Ben's hugged Shirley a bit too hard one day, a peice of Shirley broke off and developed a mind of it's own, becoming Deebs.

Shirley has a Pro-Cliche and Mary-Sue Protection Society counterpart named Yelrihs, who is muse to Neb.


Shirley has a disturbing amount of fangs and claws and never hesitates to show or use them. She is also made up entirely of wood, the species of which is not quite clear. Shirley has displayed some cannibalistic tendices as she has no qualms about eating wood. Stranger still, is the fact that despite the fact that she has no legs, she has no trouble moving about on her own. It's not quite clear wether Shirley's polish is natural or whether she applies the gloss herself. The matter is up to debate, just not within earshot of her.


Next to nothing is known about Shirley's past, except for the fact that she and Ben have been together for a very long time. Nobody's stupid enough to ask any further. When Ben joined the Society, however, she quickly made a name for herself as an object of terror. Shirley accompanies Ben on virtually all of his missions, and played vital roles in his battles with Bella (now Lily) in The World Ends With You and Dragon Drive. During his mission to Custom Robo however, she only gave Ben a headache...literally.

Shirley remained behind in the Library during Ben's disasterous vacation in the Pendragon fandom, during which time he was attacked, and nearly killed by Neb. If Shirley had been there, the battle would've undoubtedly gone very differently...

Shirley also remained behind when Ben and Bella had their final showdown in Buso Renkin. (Her date ended up standing her up.)

When Neb kidnapped Deebs in order to lure Ben to the Megaman fandom, she fought alongside Tyler in the Net while Ben acted as a NetOperator. Shirley ended up being the one to drive Neb off after Deebs had been rescued, by redirecting one of his own nukes back at him.

Since Shirley was absent during Ben and Bella's final battle, she was as more shocked than anyone when Ben appeared to turn traitor after Neb kidnapped Bella. She was confronted by Asasca, the greatest character Ben ever created. Asasca showed her how to follow Ben and she ended up saving his life from Repiv's pet snake Carl. And, while Ben distracted Repiv, Shirley managed to kill him as well, using his own pet against him. Shirley wanted Ben to return to the Library with her, but Ben told her what had happened between him and Bella, much to her shock. Shirley had been injured during the fight, so she stayed behind while Ben went ahead in search of Bella. When Adrian and the strike force from the Society found her, she told them what she knew and led them to the Protection Society's hideout, participating in the ensuing battle.

While Lily and Shirley don't generally get along, they set their differences aside during Lily's first mission to the Avalon Code fandom, and without Shirley's help, Lily likely would not have survived.

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