S.E.P. Field
The S.E.P. Field, both old and new models.
Name S.E.P. Field
Type (normal or magic) Magic-based, mostly technical
Introduced In "Insert Computerized Alien Species Code Here"

An S.E.P. Field is a gadget used by Society Agents.


The S.E.P. Field (standing for 'Someone Else's Problem') was inspired by the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, planned by Kiara (one of Tash's friends) and created by Emily.

It was initially a circular device the size of an alarm clock (+/- 10cm diameter) with a big red button on the front; more recently attempts to downsize the Field have been successful and the device is now more the size of a button (+/- 1cm diameter), these new models first being tested during the mission to Rome.

They can be clipped or otherwise fastened to any object, such as clothes, glasses and even Emily's Supersoaker, and the object will be rendered practically unnoticeable by the laymen of the fandom.

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