Name Ryouga
Gender Male
Age 20-something
Introduced In "Insert Fantastic Rescue Equipment Here"

Ryouga Thomas Hikari Ward Chekhov is a Level 3 Stu.



Ryouga is tall and well built with brown and wavy hair. The thing that really marks him out as a Gary-Stu however, is the fact that one of his eyes is a relatively normal dove-grey, and the other a depthless green.


Ryouga is mostly quiet and thoughtful, and tries to get all the facts before making a decision. As evidenced by his hesitation when he had the potential to severely injure Tash, he does not like fighting, only doing so when he believes he has no other option. He is also quite principled, not liking to make trouble for the sake of it.


Ryouga began life as a Gary-Stu in the Thunderbirds fandom, unoticed by the Society due to the fact he stayed out of the limelight quietly. However, when he heard of the Society, he formed the erronous opinion that they would hunt him (and by extension all Sues and Stus) down and destroy them. As a result, he attempted to take control of the Tracy family, and through them use the technology of International Rescue to defend himself.

However, he failed to control Scott and Virgil Tracy, owing to the Copyrights given to them weeks before to protect them from Mesha Yana, and with the arrival of Tash and Dave in the fandom, he fled. Attempting to steal blueprints of the Thunderbird craft, and a copy of Thunderbird Five's search program, he was foiled by Scott and Gordon Tracy, Dave, and aid unlooked for in the shape of Romani. Her intervention, and subsequent theft of the search program disk, left Dave and Ryouga trapped within an aviation fuel store in the Thunderbird Two hanger, from which Dave rescued him, much to his surprise.

When incarcerated in the Library Basement, Ryouga spread the story around that Dave saved his life, which reduced the ill-feeling as a result of the hostage situation to a significant extent. This is the primary reason for the fact that Dave is respected - albeit grudgingly in some cases - by the majority of the current residents.

Powers and Advantages[]

Ryouga has few powers other than a preternatural persuasive ability, and the usual powers common to Gary-Stus of his level.