Name Runoa
Gender Female
Age Like Adrian's, don't try to memorize it.
Introduced In "Insert Heroic Librarian Here"

Runoa (ルノア Runoa) is a Level 10 Sue and a former Librarian.


"All creatures want something greater than themselves to believe in. They cannnot live without blind obedience. And so, escape the pressure of that trust, those who have faith placed in them invariably look for someone higher than themselves. And those people in turn look for someone higher still. This is how a god is born. But a god does not have anyone higher to look to. And so shall I take my place. I will take this twisted mess of a universe and rewrite it so that it is as it should be. I shall surpass god. I will become what gods pray to." - Runoa.

Runoa is an ex-Librarian of the Library Arcanium and the current Sue who holds sway over the majority of, if not all, of the current Sues and Stus. Despite being stripped of her Librarian status and the powers that accompany the position, she retains much of what she learned from her tenure as Librarian, including her self-invented 'Immaculation' process. She desires to rewrite the Multiverse in her own image and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. She is also the first self-made Mary-Sue ever and is all the more lethal for it.


Runoa is 5'7" in height and possesses lustrous long hair that is so dark it shines. Her eyes are emerald pools that seem to shine with a light of their own from time to time. While she is beautiful beyond several measures, like any Sue of her caliber, it is a dark, esnaring beauty and so one must be careful to avoid being entangled in it. She habitually dresses in long-sleeved dark shirts and dark pants, and she rarely has anything fancy or excessive, save for a cape she wears now and again. Coupled with her keen, cold, calculating eyes and nearly ever present smirk, this makes her all the more terrifying. It has been described as 'sitting in a nest of scorpions and wondering which one will sting you first'.


Runoa is a incredbly smart and keen individual who knows how to use anything to its maximum advantage in her favor. Possessing several large doses of cunning, she is utterly ruthless when it comes to achieving her goals, using subterfuge, coercion, trickery, and lies to manipulate others as easily as she breathes air. She is an expert tactician and surprisingly very patient, preferring to bide her time and subtly tweak events to fall in her favor. Another tactic is to confuse an enemy with multiple plans in all directions, with her real plan somewhere and something else, rather than fighting someone head on. Runoa regards most Sues and Stus under her influence as mere pawns and cares little for them, as she knows that when her plans come to fruition, they'll all be destroyed anyway. However, those in her 'Inner Circle' or are the most vaulable of her servants warrant her protection as long as they remain useful. She also bears an intense hatred for Adrian, as she feels that he stole her position away from her, and because he dares to think that he knows what she thinks.

Or is it something else...?



"I was the Librarian far longer than that brat and I know secrets about the Library that he's never even dreamed of." - Runoa

The exact date and details are unknown, but at some point in history, Runoa became the Librarian. There is no record of what exactly she did during her tenure as such (In fact, there are no records of any Librarian anywhere - even in the Library Arcanium), but somewhere along the way, she became disillusioned with the state of the universe, unable to reconcile her beliefs with the fact that for every good she did in the universe, a thousand more evils existed. Time passed and Runoa realized that she and those like her were only soothing the symptoms, not treating the cause. Therefore, she felt that she must find a way to treat evil at its source. It was this train of thought that started Runoa on research of the process she would eventually call 'Immaculation' - the total removal of all evil traits within a entity.

However, this research and its implications worried the Powers That Be to the extent that they removed Runoa from her position as Librarian and ordered a team of Counter Guardians to capture her through any means necessary - the leader of this team being the new Librarian, Adrian. The team arrived at the Library Arcanium and attempted to capture her. However, despite losing her powers as Librarian, Runoa had already managed to make contingency plans in case something like this happened, and managed to hold off the Counter Guardians long enough to escape with the majority of her research on Immaculation.

Season One[]

Alone and friendless, Runoa found herself weak and stranded. Desperate to complete her research and eliminate evil in the Multiverse, she used the incomplete Immaculation process on herself... and became a Mary-Sue.

No one knows what really happened directly after this, save that she lay adrift and alone in the void between worlds, but it can be assumed that Willowe found her somewhere. Something transpired beween the pair - exactly what is unknown - but it was after this meeting that the Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus suddenly started getting organized, quickly and rapidly taking over several fandoms in succession, leaving the fledgling Anti-Cliché and Mary Sue Elimination Society reeling and on the back foot. Luckily, an influx of new Agents and the addition of Adrian to the Society helped the group control the rush of Sue takeovers.

Runoa's first (or at least, first within the Society's annals) appearance to Adrian after her expulsion was an unexpected encounter, during which Runoa and Adrian faced off in a Yu-Gi-Oh! match. While Runoa lost the match, she managed to steal the copy of the Holy Grail that was in Adrian's possession.

Runoa made her first offical appearance to others of the Society in the fandom of Fate/Stay Night. There, she used it to start a Holy Grail War rather than attempt to take over the fandom. Tash and Adrian went to retrieve the Grail and during the course of their battle, the pair learned that the sudden rush of Sue takeovers was in fact a search for a group of items they required. Shortly after this revealation, Runoa severely wounded Adrian with the "Gate of Babylon" and fled when the Society arrived.

Though she didn't appear again for some time, it is apparent she was the one who helped Willowe into the Library Arcanium so she could free the Elementals from the Vault of Abandoned Ideas. It was then that Adrian realized who she was (he confessed her appearance had changed dramatically since she had been Librarian) and altered the protection on the Library to prevent another incursion.

Her third appearance came after Tash had been replaced with a Sue who was perfect at mimicry, the pseudo-Tash. Not only using the doppelgänger to gather information on the Society's Agents and such, she used her in a carefully contrived plot to force Adrian from the Library by turning the Society against him by having the doppelgänger claim Adrian had tried to rape and kill her. Once that was accomplished, Runoa moved the real Tash to the Shattered Heart of the World in the Kingdom Hearts fandom and awaited Adrian's arrival, knowing that the only way he could vindicate himself was by finding the real Tash. This time, the battle was heavily in her favor, as Runoa stripped Adrian of his sight, hearing, and 'sixth sense'; despite the real Tash's best efforts, she managed to push him to the brink of death. Again, the arrival of the Society, the revelation of her trick and the Counter Guardian Saito Hajime forced her to retreat with the doppelgänger.

She later helped Willowe infiltrate the Library again by posing as a normal person, though this attempt resulted in Willowe being stripped of her Sue powers by Prohibitors and locked in the Twilight fandom.

Runoa became the new leader of the Sues after the fall of Cassie Anora, taking a small amount of her power; not all of it, thanks to the Society's intervention. She is said to be one of the smarter leaders, triggering a signal of Kyle for the Society to pursue rather than attacking directly. Runoa also freed Willowe from the Twilight fandom so that she could start her conquest against the Society.

Season Two[]

It was revealed soon after Adrian's death that her research on Immaculation was less broken than many hoped; not only had she used it on herself, she had performed it on ten Sues and Stus, creating what became known as the Sovereigns. The first Sovereign to attack the Society was Death, insane and with regenerative powers; he was on the brink of defeating them when Phoenixia used a neural interface headband to download herself into his brain and erase him permanently.

Runoa's next appearence came in The Matrix fandom, where she was accompanied by two of her Sovereigns - Life and Resolve. She expressed interest in capturing and examining Phoenixia, as the ex-hologram was possessing the body of a Sovereign, yet wasn't a Sue herself; and also because as a computer program, she should not have a soul. Runoa also revealed something unheard that drove Phoenixia to attack her. After letting Resolve toy with the woman, Runoa fought Phoenxia herself after Tash intervened, leaving the current Librarian to her Sovereign. Runoa and Phoenixia battled briefly, until the latter fled to summon The Phoenix Zord to the fight after Runoa psychologically gets under Phoenixia's skin and attempted to destroy the nearby city of Zion. The Sue and Zord take their battle high into the sky and fight, Runoa use her Divine Dragoon Armor and an Epic Level spell called Mjolinir to severely damage the Zord, both of them winding up at the base of a mountain. Runoa then unleashed her Super Sayian 3 form to defeat the Zord and then easily overwhelms Phoenixa herself. She gave some of her motivations as she stood over the defeated Phoenixia and then made an offer to her (possibly death, though this is not confirmed). Before Phoenixia can form a response, however, a unknown personality took control of her body and nearly strangled the super-powered Sue. Though the fight is short, the new personality is able to unleash more power than Phoenixia did before, along with using Incandescent Silverreign as a sword. Ultimately she nearly managed to kill Runoa, only for Phoenixia to fight and regain control at the last moment. Frustrated and annoyed, Runoa attempted to kill Phoenixia with the Gate of Babylon, but was stopped by a mysterious figure, who delayed her and rescued the out-cold Phoenixia.

Runoa was then responsible for the kidnap of Aster. The Society mustered together to rescue her. During the rescue attempt, it was revealed that Runoa was Adrian's mother. Whether this was the former-Librarian's attempt to screw with the minds of the Society was unclear.

When Emily followed a message to the Twilight fandom, believing it to be her long-dead sister Willowe, it turned out that 'Willowe' was really Yew, a creation of Creation, a Sovereign answering to Runoa. The ex-Librarian tried to force the young girl to join her, and take the Immaculation. Tash, Adrian and Phoenixia arrived in time to rescue Emily, but Crickette revealed herself, taking control of Phoenixia's body, and setting the forest ablaze. Crickette attacked Runoa, and after leaving Adrian bleeding on the ground, returned control of the body to Phoenixia, who fled from the scene. Runoa tracked the ashamed Phoenixia down, offering the ex-hologram a way to remove Crickette once and for all - Immaculation.

Abilities and Items[]

Runoa possesses the usual Sue abilities such as manipulating Plot Holes and warping Canon. But she also possesses an ability that no other Sue or Stu has - the ability to truly keep things she's learned as a Sue with her when she leaves a fandom. It is unknown how many powers she has gotten using this or what they are, but the currently known ones are:

Gate of Babylon[]

The pocket dimension vault that belonged to the chracter Gilgamesh in Fate/Stay Night, Runoa first gained this powerful Gate by killing him. When she fled and canon was restored, Adrian was amazed to find that while Gilgamesh was back and he had his Gate, so too did Runoa have her own copy of it. The Gate of Babylon, while it is capable of holding whatever Runoa desires, it is more famous and lethal for the fact that it is possible for the wielder of the Gate to fire an endless barrage of swords from it over a wide area that can pulverize an enemy or an army to scraps of meat.

Kodachi Nito-Ryu[]

The two-sword style of combat used Shinomori Aoshi in the fandom Rurouni Kenshin. Runoa used this style to battle Tash and beat her badly with it. She demonstrated the Succession Move of the style, so it's clear that she has not only mastered it but given it her own twist, charging her blades with energy to make her attacks even more lethal.

Divine Dragoon Armor[]

The most powerful set of magical armor that is formed from the spirit of dragons in Legend of Dragoon, this armor comes from the King of the Dragos - the Divine Dragon. The dragon itself was so mighty that even the beings who could control gods could not kill it and this armor reflects that. Though the original armor is bulky, Runoa's set is more shaped to her female form. In addition to providing her with a powerful sword and an incredible defense, it also gives her access to two attacks known as the 'Divine Dragon Shot' and 'Divine Dragon Cannon'. (here)

Super Sayian 3[]

The most powerful form of the legendary Super Saiyan set of powers from Dragonball Z. Using these powers puts one on a very high level of power, as the first time it was used in canon, it threatened to damage the planet and caused hurricanes. Runoa claims that she hasn't quite mastered this form yet, as during a fight with Phoenixia, she merely used it to overpower the Phoenix Zord and to give her access to better energy attacks. Unlike most Super Saiyans, while she does get the golden glow and long spiky hair, she gets no muscle mass increase from using this form, but merely a slightly bigger bust. It is also theorized that she may also know Super Saiyan 1 and 2 forms, though being a Sue, she may have simpy copied the third form as she wouldn't need access to weaker powers.

Though is just speculation on the Society's part, it's theorized that there's no limit to how many powers Runoa could copy...or what kinds of powers.