Roxelana Terelli
Name Roxelana Terelli
Gender Female
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Victorian Age Slash Here"

Roxelana Ambrosia Aurelius Terelli is a Level 5 Sue.



She is tall at 5 foot 8 inches, and is thin, almost stick-like. However, this does not detract from her appearance. She has long, raven's wing black hair and eyes that are just as black. It is difficult to discern her irises from her pupils at times. Her skin is very pale, nearly alabaster white.


Roxelana has a preference for slash pairings, regardless if they are canon or not. None of the Sues have proven them selves to be sane, but Roxelana might just take that limit and push it...


She first emerged in the Sherlock Holmes 2009 movie 'verse and incurred wrath by Rhia. She escaped capture. It was not yet apparent exactly what Roxelana meant when she said, "I'll see you next time, Agent Rhia!"

This statement came true, as Roxelana kidnaped Rhia in order to torture her, replacing her with a dead body double...Roxelana took Rhia to the Kick Ass fandom, where she locked Rhia up into a storage crate, and slowly took away one sense after another, creating a new type of sensory deprivation. After about a week, Roxelana's Sue energy finally showed up on Library monitors, where Ingrid, Willie, and Cristoph go after her. Cristoph didn't give anyone a choice.

Together with Hit Girl, a main character from the fandom, the three agents took Roxelana down. The whole time Roxelana giggled the fight away, as if it just amused her. She even giggled the threat of death away, both from Willie's Hellfire and Cristoph's neurotoxin.

It does not faze Roxelana that she is now captured and in the basement. Rhia even confronted her down there and Roxelana just laughed. Rhia vowed to leave Roxelana down there long enough for Roxelana to rot. Roxelana was given the highest threat level when she was placed in the basement, and now wears the dreaded blue t-shirt.

Roxelana was a main part of the basement incident, acting as Louise's second in command following Robert's change of heart, and taking a vindictive pleasure in the suffering of the agents.

After mysteriously escaping the basement with the help of a malfunctioning Deus Ex Machina, Roxelana was next seen in the Hunger Games as a Tribute in the arena. She excelled at the game on her own merits, surviving to be the last sue tribute in the arena.

After engaging in a short knife-and-pan fight with Rhia, she was tackled, pinned, and killed by Rhia, her throat slit in an ironic, symbolic ending.