Name Romani
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert The Original Indestructible Captain Here"

Romani is a mysterious woman who is allied with Stormherald against the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society. She is not a Sue.


Romani has elbow-length red hair, and regularly wears a white dress with blue trim, coupled with sandals and a pair of fingerless leather gloves, augmenting this outfit with other items as and when she sees the need for them. However, she has been seen to wear other outfits in the course of her missions, most notably a Burgandy-coloured Spectrum Captain's uniform.


If the roles Romani has had to portray in her missions are any indication, she is quite an accomplished actress, so many things about her personality are suspect at best.

Romani demonstrates an intense loyalty to Stormherald, and seems to be aware of the man's true identity, although this does not stop her questioning his reasons sometimes.

She appears to nurture something of a dislike for Mary-Sues, although she has been known to tolerate them for the sake of a common interest.

When out on a mission, Romani is focused on the task in hand to the exclusion of most other things, although thinking outside the box and quickly creating answers to unforseen problems of her own devices appears to be largely beyond her.


Romani first appeared as an ally to Mesha and Stormherald immediately prior to their operation in the Captain Scarlet fandom, collecting resources for their use in that operation, despite her dislike of the Sue. She then 'rescued' several Sues she and Stormherald had captured, and used them to bait Dave into being in a certain frame of mind once he came to the fandom to deal with a suspected Mary-Sue (Which was in fact Romani herself, in the role of Captain Burgandy). She stayed out of sight after his arrival, allowing the Society to be distracted by Mesha until they completely forgot about her, allowing for total surprise when she suddenly re-emerged and killed Mesha on Cloudbase.

Her next appearence was in Thunderbirds, where she stole information from Thunderbird Five that Ryouga had in turn stolen from the Canon Characters. In the process, she trapped Dave and the Stu in a burning aviation fuel store, but Dave was able to teleport them both to safety.

Equipment and skills[]

Romani uses a large amount of equipment on missions, depending upon what is required of her.