Robert, post-release.
Name Robert
Gender Male
Age 28
Introduced In "Insert Mutilated Bedsheet Dresses Here"

Robert is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society. He was a Level 3 Stu, but he is now Permanently Prohibited.


Robert is Richard's identical twin, and initially he was under the employ of Merle Ravensclaw. He showed up on the Society's radar because of his proximity to Merle and his brother in warping the fandom of Rome, and he was captured in the subsequent mission. He was eventually granted parole from the basement eight months later despite a series of incidents, and now resides in the Library. He was under probation with Alice named as his parole supervisor, but he has now taken the Society entrance exam and become an agent. His inside knowledge of the basement and good terms with the denizens within has proved invaluable in the recent reform, prompting Harriet to name him as the Basement Welfare Officer.

Robert is quite the antithesis to his brother, and knowledgeable of and experienced in military matters, having once been a Lieutenant Commander in Merle's mortal army the Witch-Hunters. When he was Permanently Prohibited it took a mere quarter of the time to finish on him than it does on any other Stu, and as little if anything has changed, it suggests that he never really deserved the title in the first place...


Robert has short, neat black hair, and expressive brown eyes. As the younger twin, Robert looks practically identical to his brother Richard, except he stands at 5'8" at best; at least three inches shorter. He also has a slightly rounder face and a gentler voice than Richard.


Robert has a very military-orientated mind, stemming from his several years of service in the Witch-Hunters. This has given him a good grasp of strategy and good organisational skills, though he is a little unnerved by silliness in supposed serious situations (which the Society are wont to do, of course). He seemed 'less' compared to his stronger brother in Rome, and is unwilling to believe wholly that his brother is the enemy; but his genial nature belies the viciousness of his twin. He is kind and thoughtful, and always willing to listen.

A point of contention remains when it comes to the subject of his twin; despite having proof and witness to Richard's sadism, he cannot shake the fraternal ties to him and thus will defend him still. It is not known whether this loyalty is going to turn into a liability.

Nearly eight months in the basement have given him an almost haunted air when the subject comes up, and with a strong humanitarian sense he is determined to help those who still remain within.


His first introduction to the Society was on the big trip to Rome, masquerading as a member of a Roman patrician family and using the pseudonym Remus, following Roman myth. He was also playing a Centurion in the XIII Legion, and in doing so had become close to the important character and historical figure Mark Antony, facilitating his introduction to Merle and the screwing-up of the fandom. When the Society intervened, they managed to Prohibit Robert, but as well as injuring Rhia's bad knee he managed to escape their clutches and run back with his brother to Merle. Later however, in the house of Atia having been lured there by the Society, he was captured by a Phoenixia and Rhia tag-team (seduction and a frying pan respectively).

He languished in the basement for nearly eight months, with only one activity of note; he was amongst those who were permitted to watch the final of Sue Factor close to Christmas. He was known for being polite and well-behaved whilst in prison, so it was a shock when he appeared to be second-in-command to Louise (whom he addressed as 'Mirani') when she took Alice, Dave, Jess, Claire and Emily hostage in the basement. Robert seemed less compliant as the events went on, resorting to standing guard over - and protecting - the latter four hostages. However the agents attacked and ended the situation, and Robert - as well as the rest of the basement inmates - faced an uncertain future. Indeed eight hours later they got their first indication that they were in big trouble, as Adrian himself came into the basement and took Robert away for questioning. During the interrogation, which was initially a rather brutal affair, Robert was forced to betray Merle and spill what little he knew of her plans to the Librarian. Grateful for the willing information that was ultimately the breakthrough in the investigation, Adrian changed course and offered Robert help, eventually putting the young man up for parole.

Robert's parole hearing was an eye-opener for the Society, as he revealed (not knowing of the Society's ignorance on the matter) that Merle and her sons Richard, Simon and Percival were all werewolves. He also revealed that he had seen Louise before Rome; he had been among the soldiers in Nosgoth and he had not picked up on the Society's radar. In the course of the hearing he also explained their complacency in the Basement Incident - the hostage situation - was because the conditions in the basement were abysmal and the vow was made to do something about it. Ultimately Robert's parole was granted, he was permitted to remain in the Library, and Alice was made his parole supervisor.

The basement reforms were set into motion soon after, spearheaded by Harriet, and including Dave as public relations and Valerie as resident healer. He was invited to attend the group's first meeting, his knowledge of the basement and its denizens invaluable; to the point that Harriet eagerly extended an invitation to him to take the Society's exam to formally join the Society after his probation was over, so he could be named 'Basement Welfare Officer' and help them out with a little more authority at his back. Alice offered to help him revise for the test.

Robert was volunteered by Alice to assist in the mission to Sea Monsters. Whilst he was not permitted to leave the Library to be Louise's chaperone without Alice in the prior mission to Pride and Prejudice due to his being on probation, his help was accepted for Sea Monsters because many agents were out of action due to a breakout of Plot Bunnies. He was trusted enough to take watches, on one of which he shared an early morning sunrise with Alice. He followed Ocean Fields onto her dinghy when she attempted to escape; as they both shared a long experience in the basement, he tried to reason with her, but to no avail, and she started punching him. He tried not to hurt her, but they both toppled into the water; when she nearly had her leg bitten off by a vicious prehistoric fish he was shocked but tried to help her anyway.

Soon after, Robert sat his exam. Despite being the only applicant to not faint or run away before the test even began, he passed with a score of thirty-three out of forty. At this time, the animosity from the Chief Agent was beginning to lessen.

Pre-Society History[]

Robert originates from Mistledale, in the Dalelands of Faerûn. He is the younger twin brother of Richard, the middle out of nine children of the Ardenwyn yeoman farming family. Their births were four hours apart; Richard was born just before midnight one night in early winter, and Robert just before sunrise. Their personalities were notably different even in childhood, the elder strong-willed and fearless and the younger adaptable and curious.

At age fifteen Robert left home and went with his brother to the city of Waterdeep, eventually being brought before Merle by her associate Simon. Robert seemed to follow in his brother's shadow and was lost when he fell for Merle more and more; yet when Richard was turned, Robert found a place in the Witch-Hunters, Merle's mortal army.

It was when he was a Lieutenant of the Witch-Hunters, under Vincent, that he met Louise - then known as 'Mirani' - for the first time, then in the favour of Merle. After a number of months Mirani came into the army and was happily accepted. Although he was her superior officer, Robert became Mirani's confidante and friend; it was he who first learnt that she was planning to leave, and accepted her decision. He did not see her again for nearly seven years.


Robert is very close to Louise, whom he once knew as 'Mirani'. Few people know the truth of their relationship whilst in Blackspire, but today in the Society Louise is one of his chief advocates and supporters. They remain very close. Occasionally he accidentally reverts back to addressing her as 'Mirani', but this usage is beginning to dwindle as he gets used to her birth name.

Alice was proclaimed as his parole officer after his release from the basement, and he feels somewhat ashamed about his actions to her during the Basement Incident, but the two have - gradually at first, but rapidly after he learnt how to appeal to her better nature - become firm friends. He is grateful for her giving temperament, her active mind, and he enjoys their conversations together. However to him she has become more than just a friend...talking one sunrise on the Cretaceous sea had made him blush when she shared her blanket, and during the camping trip they shared an evening of stargazing together and alone, and as he saw her safely back to her tent, his mind came to a singular conclusion: he is falling in love with Alice.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Robert is a very skilled swordsman, able to identify many forms of swordplay with varying types of light sword, as shown by his knowledge of a Roman Gladius during his time in Rome. His preferred weapon is however a sabre, a light and gently-curved single-edged sword. While he was on probation as part of his release from the basement, he was not permitted to have a weapon, so he practiced with a ruler instead.

Robert does not know any magic of his own, but as he comes from the inherently magical continent of Faerûn, he is no stranger to observing various kinds.

He was one of the first to receive a Litwick from Alice, when she realised they were breeding to too many numbers to keep them all in her room.


  • Robert has an interesting idiosyncracy with addressing people: he will never shorten names or use nicknames, and he will always wince if his own name is treated the same ('Rob', 'Robbie', etc). The only person whose name he will shorten is Percival's to 'Val'. Likewise, the only individual who he has allowed to call him by a shortened name is Combee, which he accepts due to her naïvety and young age.
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