Richard, favoured of Merle.
Name Richard
Gender Male
Age 28
Introduced In "Insert Inconsistent Timeline Here"

Richard is a Level 6 Stu. His current whereabouts are unknown.


"The Richard I once knew died that day..." - Robert

Richard was born a Dalelander, from Mistledale in Faerûn, to a yeoman farming family. He is Robert's identical twin, the elder; he was apparently born at midnight, and Robert in the early morning. The twins were initially inseperable.

The twins left home and travelled to Waterdeep, a large city; there they were found by Simon, who brought them to meet Merle Ravensclaw for the first time. She eventually chose Richard, who drank in her stories and the power she offered, and turned him - making him a werewolf, a powerful creature of the night.

Today Richard is a member of Merle's entourage, and has been observed to be second-in-command. He is her favourite and always chosen to accompany her, despite the fact that he is the youngest sired son behind Simon and Percival.


Richard is 5'11", slim but strongly built with well-kept black hair, and cold brown eyes. As Robert's identical twin he is the taller, certainly the stronger and with more angular features.

Only Louise and Robert can describe what he looks like in werewolf form, although neither have yet done so.


Richard isn't the most handsome of Stus, but he can be overwhelmingly charming when he wishes to be; however he has an almost perpetual sneer and his arrogance surpasses that of Merle. He acts off the same authority of fear and is more than merely intimidating. He also has a viciously sadistic and vindictive streak, as evidenced upon Alice in Legacy of Kain. He is an expert swordsman, any type of blade being comfortable in his hand.


The Society first encountered Richard in the Legacy of Kain fandom. It was shown quite bluntly that he has little respect for human life and will end it when his victim has no more use. Both Alice and Louise were captured; he took delight in bringing the former of the two close to death for his own entertainment, but thankfully she was rescued just in time.

He was next detected in the Rome fandom, masquerading alongside Merle and his twin brother Robert as Roman Patricians, him going by the pseudonym Romulus in an emulation of Roman myth. The Society sent in a team in to deal with them, but alerted Merle to their presence when they attacked the brothers in a brothel; Robert ended up Prohibited and Richard fought dirty and nearly burned down the building to effect their escape. At the party that night he made an attempt to kidnap Alice when he caught her on her own; later Merle and Richard engaged in battle on the roof of the house of Atia, with Richard holding his own against Cristoph, Ben and a Copyrighted Mark Antony. However Merle and Richard left the fandom, cutting their losses - and leaving Robert to the Society's mercy.

Robert's parole hearing finally brought Richard's nature to the attention of the Society. It was also revealed that not only had Louise spent some time within Merle's grasp willingly, he had murdered her in a fit of rage; only for Merle to bring her back. Not long afterwards, it was decided that because of the danger he posed as a werewolf, the risk to the unprepared and his targeting of Alice, Louise and presumably even his own brother, his Sue Ranking was to be revised, making him now a Level 6 instead of a Level 5.