Not to be confused with Rhiannon or Rhea Clearbreeze.
Name Ria
Gender Female
Age Mid-teens
Introduced In "Insert Badly Managed Mischief Here"

Ria, also known as Ria L., was an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



Ria L is around five feet tall with brown curly hair. Her ACMSES T-shirt is too big for her, but she doesn't really care.


She is easily excitable and seen worrying about messing up quite often.


She entered the Harry Potter fandom, Marauder era, to attempt to aprehend the Mary Sue Eulalia Anita Loralei Tangerine Dragonfly. Quickly things went downhill as Eulalia knocked her only weapon away. It seemed like the Sue would retrieve the eraser and erase Ria, but a luckily placed eclair made her trip and land in Vanishing Quicksand.

She has currently been Put On A Bus so that Ria's author may replace her with an original character.

Weapons and Abilities[]

She sometimes has a giant eraser that she uses against particularly nasty Mary Sues.


  • Ria will never tell you what the "L" initial stands for because it is long and fancy and worthy of a Mary Sue. Therefore it is classified information.
  • Ria is considered to make a better writer than agent. Maybe next time she'll invent an agent to defeat a Sue, instead of going in herself.
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