Not to be confused with Ria or Rhea Clearbreeze.
Name Rhiannon
Gender Female
Age 20
Introduced In "Insert Medieval Sounding Spellwork Here"

Rhiannon, more commonly known as Rhia, is an agent of Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Rhia is one of the few who has known of the ACMSES ever since the beginning...

Rhia has many talents in many different areas. She can draw and paint to an extent. She also has wonderful hand-eye coordination, which helps her in any fights she gets into. She has taken Tae-Kwon-Do, but did not graduate to black belt. She will not tell anyone the reasons for this, even when "persuaded". She can also sing reasonably well, and often does so when she thinks she is alone. Whether she is alone or not is another question. If asked, she will sing for an audience, but this does not happen often. While Rhia can do all these things, she excels at cooking. Hand her any recipie and ingredients, and she can do it.


Her physical description is nothing special, something you could find anywhere. Wavy brown hair that tends to friz when brushed out, it goes all the way to her mid back. She is 5'4", with pale skin with a bit of an acne problem (though she denies that it is a problem), hazel eyes, and ever so slightly too heavy for her height. While she likes wearing dark colors, she would not call herself emo. Her clothing leans towards a gothic lolita style, with green and purple as the main favorite colors. Red, blue, black, and silver often make appearances as well. Dark colored straight leg jeans usually finish the outfit, but Rhia will wear a skirt every now and then. She also has green rimmed wire glasses, which she wears for everything except for the computer screen.


When an opinion is needed, Rhia will give hers, and make sure that everyone hears it. While loud with her opinions, she is a bit socially awkward. She can make friends easily enough, and does often; but large conversation groups make her nervous and romantic relations are out of the question. When flirted at, Rhia will promptly turn bright red and be unable to speak until the person flirting with her walks away. Her friends in Real Life are trying to help her with this and get her a boyfriend, but it is slow going.

Her relationship with Cristoph was slow and budding, and only saw any progress after her rescue from Roxelana. It took an admission of love in her will (and later in the med ward) for it to get anywhere past the 'nervous interaction' stage.

At this point, Rhia and Cristoph are very open with their relationship, and are very close emotionally and physically.


Rhia joined mid-way through the first season, starting a career blowing up non-canon slash plot bunnies. Her hatred of slash, however, started attracting far too much attention from Slasher Sues, particularly Roxelana Terelli.

After a few mishaps with shipping and Cristoph, the two began dating, which served well for each other while Rhia began to help Cristoph record his life and open up to the world, in the midst of discovering his identity. She also comforted him post Adrian's death.

However, after an argument with Willie, Rhia's body was found dead and bleeding in a kitchen...and what the Society didn't know was that Roxelana had kidnapped her, replaced her with a dead body double, and decided to torture Rhia. Rhia is rendered deaf, mute, and blind, until Cristoph rescues her and she heals. After this ordeal, Rhia became slightly paranoid, lashing out violently at anyone who might sneak up behind her. Also, quiet rooms made her nervous, to the point where she had to hum just to make ambient noise. Dark rooms also made her nervous, but not to the point of silent ones.

Not long after she recovered from her kidnapping, Rhia volunteered to go into a blacklisted fandom, Rome, to help take down Merle and her entourage. This decision may have been influenced by the fact that Cristoph had been chosen to go, and it may also have been influenced by her wish to prove herself in battle, and to be recognized as a fighter and not just the Society cook. The mission was a success, with Rhia proving instrumental in the capture of Robert.

After Adrian's revival, Rhia brought most of her clan of cats from Real Life into the Library. Much chaos and cuteness occured, and Rhia, along with Tash, acquired a piece of blackmail against Adrian if he ever wants to keep his dignity as a tough guy.

Some time after taking her cats back home, Rhia was involved in the hostage situation in the basement, being the one chosen to go down and attempt to negotiate while everyone else racked their brains for a plan.

Rhia was next assigned to investigate Invader Zim, with a small Sue signal coming from the fandom. Entering, she met Dib, and together they went to take down Zim himself, who had taken the Sue, Deliha Brightflower, hostage. Zim went on a small antagonist rant explaining his master plan, but was interrupted when Rhia got tired of him. She sent Zim flying over the horizon via her frying pan. A new Sovereign, Passion, made an appearance and forced Rhia and Deliah into a lethal game of laser tag, complete with maze. When Deliah cheated and attempted to jump over a wall to get Rhia from above, Passion reacted and grabbed her, throwing her through a couple of walls. Rhia won by default and Passion let her go relatively unharmed. Rhia left the fandom a bit shell-shocked at the pure power shown by a Sovereign.

Following Passion's enthusiastic introduction, the point was hammered home that Rhia was rather incapable of being a contender in the upcoming battles. Tired of being on the sidelines during a battle, and refusing to be dead weight in any battle--endangering herself or someone else--Rhia specifically requested that Adrian train her to be up to snuff.

Train her he did.

In what is being called a "Training from Hell," Rhia as forced through a grueling obstacle course on a time limit with Cristoph's life on the line; and that was only the first day. Later, Adrian gifted Rhia with Incandescent Silverreign, as Phoenixia had gone missing and the gun was doing nothing but gathering dust. It is this weapon, that is four guns in one, that enables Rhia to take on the bigger baddies that the Society faces.

Later, as a part of a "Out-of-House" training, Adrian took Rhia to Venice, through Assassin's Creed 2, and dropped her off with Ezio to train some more as an assassin herself. The training here was going well, if one ignores Rhia's consistent fan-glomping of Ezio, until Passion made an explosive appearance. Here, Rhia battled Passion in a trial-by-fire test of her skills, trying to dodge his attacks as he screamed enraged accusations at her. Trying to pin Passion down and take him out with one shot, Rhia scaled a tall spire not fall from the local Basilica. Unfortunately, Passion tracked her up there, and pushed her off the edge, with no handy pile of hay at the bottom to cushion her fall(as is habit in the Assassin Creed fandom). Using Silverreign's ability to push her back a significant distance if not braced, Rhia survived the fall with a dislocated shoulder and extremely bruised ribs. Passion disappeared after this.

After a couple months of quiet activity, Roxelana mysteriously escaped from her cell in the Library Basement, perhaps with the aid of a malfunctioning Deus Ex Machina. Rhia was greatly disturbed by this, falling into a panic attack/flashback until Cristoph pulled her out of it.

Perhaps maybe two weeks after this incident, Passion makes a call to the Library and demands that ten agents come to the Hunger Games fandom, five as tributes and five as mentors. If this demand was not met, the fandom continuity was in danger. Tash, Valerie, Michael, Jared and Harriet went in as Mentors for Rhia, Avak, Cristoph, Ben, and Lily, in that corresponding order. Facing the five agent tributes in the arena were Eden, the Hunger Games sue, Sparrow Castella, the sue from Sue Factor, Marama, one of Merle's werewolves, a male Twipire, and Roxelana.

The Games progressed, with the tributes slowly being whittled down, the agent tributes sticking together, and the agent mentors tormenting the Sovereign mentors as much as possible. Surprisingly, Creation sided with the Society for most of the game. Throughout the whole game, it was noted that Passion was somehow off, and that the other Sovereigns were to follow his orders until this changed.

It came to a head when all the Sue Tributes were killed, including Roxelana by Rhia's own hand. Passion himself headed down to the arena and faced the agents. Using devastating attcks determined by die roll, he nearly destroyed the agents, until an unlucky roll of 20 exploded in his face. This did not, however, kill Passion, and he was determined to take the cheaters that had killed Wisdom out with him. Detonating the mines around the Cornucopia, the agents only made it out in time thanks to Ben's Firebrand Whiskey.

All ten agents returned to the Library to heal and eat pizza.

Magic and Fighting Abilities[]

So far, Rhia has only displayed physical fighting abilities against her opponents. Her two twin wakizashi are her best weapons, though she can use a staff if need be. The two wakizashi have vague elemental attributes to them, fire and air. This may influence any magic Rhia may use in the future. Rhia knows she has magic, but did not utilize it in her first mission, as it was in the Merlin fandom, and would have caused more trouble than was needed at the time. While Rhia can fight quite well, she prefers to talk down an opponent.

Lately, Rhia has taken to using various cooking tools as weapons. Her favorites are a flat-bottomed cast iron skillet, two butcher knives, and a steak knife. These were most recently put to use during the Library Invasion against the Smiths at Stonehenge.

After "Insert A Spring Festival Here" (the fluff fic entry), throwing knives have joined her arsenal, and with Cristoph's help and training, her aim with them has become very, very good.

"Insert Extreme Parkour Running Here" had Rhia gain Incandescent Silverreign, the four-in-one gun that was previously used by Phoenixia. Rhia is very good with this gun, regardless of the fact that it gives her bruises whenever she uses the combined form.

Her flat-bottomed cast-iron skillet was lost in the most recent excursion to the Hunger Games fandom. It is not seen yet if Rhia will replace it.


  • Rhia likes cats, but she knows to leave Adrian well alone.
  • Rhia was born under Leo. She has wondered if this has followed her through her whole life.
  • Rhia changed her name to 'Rhia' from something else for a reason. If Rhia ever tells anyone what her real name is, and they call her Brittany, this person will die a very, very painful death.
  • It is physically impossible for Rhia to sit completely still, even in sleep.
  • Rhia's big fears: Drowning, silent and/or dark rooms, death of a loved one.
  • Rhia's theme (somewhat obvious): "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac.
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