Name Retsa
Gender Female
Age Like Aster's, unknown
Introduced In "Insert Septuplet Superweapon Here"

Retsa is the leader of the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society, as well as a character foil for Aster Selene.



Retsa, much unlike Aster, hates anime, manga, and most other forms of media. Also, unlike Aster, Retsa is inclined to use all of her intelligence to maximum potential. Her genius, however, tends to go to her head.


Retsa's hair is not tied up to give any illusion of looking like Aster, as "it's too much of a bother" and "I have no reason to participate in tomfoolery such as pretending to be her and tricking the Society". Also, her hair is brown, not blue, and she does not wear Aster's dress (in fact she does not wear a dress at all, but a war uniform instead). She stands at Aster's height and figure, however.


Retsa commands the Agents in "Insert Septuplet Superweapon Here", but was quickly defeated by Tash, Adrian, and Aster, and is forced to call a retreat. Retsa once again appears in "Insert The Best of Both Worlds Here", where she is in charge of capturing a Society agent to use as a test subject for Deraj's Sue Storm device; the mission ended successfully with the capture of Jared, although he is rescued shortly after.

As she is a tyrannical leader and often uses fear to ensure obidence. Deraj once tried to rebel against her authority with the help of Osiris and Eohlc, but she is too powerful for them to defeat her; and if Deraj had not escaped in the chaos she would surely have beaten him, when he is forced by society agents to return she tortures him as punishment. She also heads the project to absorb the essence of Sues and "purify the universe". It seems there is no way to overcome her; she is able to utilize what she needs to the maximum.

Weapons and Abilites[]

Retsa does not possess a staff like Aster's; in fact she is not even a fae.

She seems to be an elemental opposite of Aster, but it turns out she is not a Sun Guardian like Aster's true counterpart, Nephelo Helios. Instead, she has "shades" of elemental power. This does not nearly rival Aster's power, as it does not precisely behave as an opposite (her "sun powers" are not countered by lunar energy, fire is not put out by water, light does not dissolve in darkness, etc.). In a similar way, she is unable to precisely counter Aster's power.

In addition to her own elemental powers, Retsa can also borrow Deraj's own explosive brand of earth magic and combine it with her own in the form of a devestating super-attack, the first time they did this managed to summon an entire storm of flaming meteors. Although Deraj can enhance Retsa's powers, the reverse is not true.

Her power does not match Aster's true potential at all. Her power is about the equivalent of Aster's Form II, but pales in comparison to III and IV. However, since Aster does not use her latter forms very often and Retsa has much better control over her power, it all evens out.