Name Resolve
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Fate-Cracking Moment Here"

Resolve is one of the Sovereigns, the group of Immaculated Sues and Stus who serve Runoa directly. By the Sue ranking he is defined as Level 10.


Resolve is the brawler of the Sovereigns, and his powers focus primarily on taking injury.


Resolve has been reported as being very feral-looking in apperance, with ragged hair and fierce blue eyes. He is tall, quite muscular, and wears body armour along with greaves on his legs and gauntlets on his arms.


Resolve is a merciless fighter, who will do whatever necessary to win. He has a strong will, as his name would suggest, and does not take nonsense or fooling around from anyone. He is very calcuating and doesn't take risks when battle is involved, prefering to play the odds on the best course of action.


Resolve first appeared in the the Matrix fandom along with Runoa and Life. The three engaged Phoenixia as she finished up on a routine mission. After a brief exchange of words, Phoenixia attempted to kill Runoa; however Resolve interrupted, battling Phoenixia and revealing how his powers worked. Tash arrived to help, and Resolve and Life battled her while Phoenixia took on Runoa. Resolve was beaten around by Tash, saved only by Life's intervention, but Tash exhausted her flash step leaving her vulnerable to both Sovereigns' attacks. Before they could kill her, Silri rescued her.

Powers and Abilities[]

Resolve is primarily a brawler, preferring to use his fists in battle. However his unique ability lies in his gauntlets. Being the embodiment of stamina, he can endure any blow thrown at him, absorbing the damage and turning it back on his opponent. His gauntlets have a 'charge' which fills up the more damage he takes, and once it is full, his attacks are at their full strength, leaving very little that can stand in his way.