Name Repiv
Gender Male
Age Mid-Teens
Introduced In "Insert Random Scream of Pain Here"

Repiv is an agent of the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society.



To those whom he deceives, Repiv appears earnest, honest, hard working and eager to please. But anyone who knows who he really is knows that he's devious, cunning and absolutely ruthless.


Repiv is mid-sized and wiry, with dirty blonde hair. He has narrow calculating eyes which miss very little. Most times he can be found with his albino snake Carl around his neck.


Unlike the rest of the Protection Society, Repiv is not a foil agent to one of the Elimination Society. Repiv started out his relatively short life in an obscure Role-Playing fandom, where he was known as Viper. Viper was his creator's first attempt at an RP character, and he quickly grew bored with the game and disgusted with Viper, and so abandoned both. Viper lingered on the edges of the fandom for sometime, seemingly doomed for the Vault of Abandoned Ideas, when the mysterious Asasca found him. Asasca was a former character of Ben's and was on a mission to find some way to draw out Ben's true power. Asasca showed Viper how to prevent his own consignment to the Vault. With Viper now owing him a life debt, Asasca changed Viper's name to Repiv and sent him to join the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society, giving him his first and only mission. With the help of Ben, who was blackmailed by Neb into assissting him, Repiv attempted to break into the Vault of Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, in order to steal a source of energy needed to power the Fandom Stabilizer. The theft was interrupted by Emily, however, and upon taking her hostage, the two found themselves in a standoff against the rest of the Elimination Society. In desperation, Repiv framed Ben for a traitor and fled, but Ben managed to follow. Upon arrival at the Protection Society's hideout where the Fandom Stabilizer was to be tested, the two got into a fight where Ben managed to distract Repiv just long enough for Shirley to ambush and kill him.

Weapons and Abilites[]

Except for an uncanny and somewhat eerie rapport with his snake Carl, Repiv seems to lack powers of any sort. Instead, he relies heavily on Space Hammer cards to create a variety of weapons, his favorite being an ivory, spike-tipped whip which he has named Balor.