Rena Lynvale
Name Rena Lynvale
Gender Female
Age 19
Introduced In "Insert Expendable Cursed Fate Type Thing Here"

Rena Lynvale (レナ・リンベル Rena Rinberu) was a Level 6 Sue.


Rena found herself in Final Fantasy XIII and was branded as an l'Cie; she managed to cheat however and stopped the clock on her tattoo so that she would never turn into a Cie Corpse. She pretended to be working under her Focus, and brought back Cocoon without its corrupt government and brought back Fang and Vanille. She tried to use her summon, Freya, against Chrys and Mizuho.

Her attempts failed when Chrys and Mizuho caused her to kill Freya with her own hands, fulfilling Rena's Focus. Rena was crystallized and was carted out of the fandom, thus undoing her damage. She now sits as a floating decoration over a fountain in the Library's main room.