Name Reena
Gender Female
Age Mid Teens - Early Twenties
Introduced In "Insert Fixed and Pointless Talent Show Here"

Name Kerrie
Gender Female
Age Mid Teens - Early Twenties
Introduced In "Insert Fixed and Pointless Talent Show Here"

Reena and Kerrie are two Level 3 Sues.


Reena and Kerrie are both inhabitants of the Library's Basement, having been captured prior to the Society's trip into Sue Factor.


Reena and Kerrie are basement neighbours, but it is clear that they knew each other before their incarceration. Like any normal pair of friends, they occasionally bicker, but when things go wrong, they are there for each other. Following the Basement Incident both girls were found huddled under a pile of mattresses in one of the cells.



Reena, unlike her basement neighbour, Kerrie, has short spikey dark brown hair. In the basement, her usually neat spikes have drooped, and now she appears to have a mop of dark brown hair that has no structure to it.


Kerrie has long, lustrous blonde hair reaching below her waist. Whilst in the basement, Kerrie generally wears her hair in a long ponytail, following a nasty incident where one of the basement inhabitants tied her to the bars by her hair. She normally has very healthy looking skin, although in the lights of the basement, she has adopted a ghostly pale sheen to her complexion.


It is not known where Reena and Kerrie come from, or even if it is the same fandom. Their capture information has, like Tabitha's, been lost. It can be construed that they were put in the basement some time after the invasion of the Library, although how much time had passed between that event and their capture is unknown.

Reena and Kerrie did little during the Basement Incident, and were thus not punished as severely as people like Ash.

Powers and Abilities[]

It is not known if either Reena or Kerrie have any special powers, but their low Sue Level would indicate that they are not much of a threat.