Name Raven
Gender Male
Age 22
Introduced In "Insert Outlandishly Rare Animal Morph Here"

Raven is a Level 7 Stu.


"My brethren are content with ruling one world and soaking up power and attention. They're too arrogant to recognize the small flaws they possess that eventually lead to their downfall. It's rather sad." -Raven


Raven is rather short for a Stu. He wears a black trench coat and jeans as well as a pair of black boots one of which has a spur on it. He wears a plain white t-shirt under the trench coat. A pair of purple-rimmed glasses rests on his nose and are only removed and placed in his trench coat when he enters combat. His brown spiky hair is pulled back into a ponytail. His eyes are a vibrant purple color.


His feelings towards most of his kind is one of contempt. He finds most Sues and Stus to be arrogant and thus annoying. He will gleefully kill any Sue or Stu who gives him an excuse to. The only Sue he will take orders from is Runoa. He respects most canon characters and refuses to kill any under most circumstances. He considers the Society a worthy obstacle for his plans and takes great delight in confronting them. He has studied each agent thoroughly and refers to most of them by their first name, except Adrian whom he refers to only as "the Librarian".

His interest is not in controlling any fandom, rather his plans seem to focus on strengthening the Sue horde. He sent the Anisues to steal the morphing cube from the Animorphs fandom and is responsible for the creation of Super-Sue.


"I was content to sit in my lab and indirectly help my comrades, but motivation has presented itself." -Raven

Raven's past is largely unknown. He spent most of his youth traveling fandoms and learning new abilities for himself the hard way, since he found just slurping up the powers like the rest of his kind to be rather boring and the task of studying to be much more gratifying. Thus he began to accumulate knowledge, often being drawn to science fiction fandoms. He learned to suppress his powers and thus went unnoticed when the Society first began activities. He conquered a minor fandom that would aid in continuing his studies. During this time, he worked with Cassie's group of Sues/Stus as an inventor and scientific advisor, but never showed interest in doing much more, causing quite a few to brand him as lazy. After he slaughtered a couple of them, none dared say it to his face though.

When Cassie was finally captured by the Society and Runoa instated as the new leader, Raven began to act less covertly. He attempted to retrieve the morphing cube frm the Animorphs fandom, but the team he sent was foiled by the Society and Raven killed and dissected the only survivor in the hopes of learning more about the morphing ability.

He enlisted the aid of Dr. Cortex of the Crash Bandicoot fandom to complete his first working model of Super-Sue. He purposefully lured the Society to the fandom and then set Super-Sue on them to test it out, while Raven himself fought Marcus, Drake, and Doug off. Super-Sue seemed to be a success at first, but tired as the fight dragged on and was finally knocked out by Ben dropping a nuke on her. Raven retrieved his creation and retreated, telling the Society that he was looking forward to their next meeting.

His homebase is later shown as a castle fortress in an unidentified fandom. He was looking for a lab assistant with little luck, until a Sue named Marion arrives. He hired her, but instantly regretted it as he found Marion to be extremely clumsy. He attempted to kill her after she broke several beakers, but she somehow managed to evade his wrath as she is later seen working for him in the Ratchet and Clank fandom where he tests the completed Super-Sue against Drake and is delighted with the end result.

Unfortunately for him, Super-Sue turned against her creator and warned him to leave her alone. Raven decides that letting his creation escape could compromise his research and gave the Society the equipment to track down the rebellious experiment. He joined in on the resulting battle and delivered the killing blow to Super-Sue after it looked as though she might surrender. He then escaped in the confusion of his creation's meltdown.

Around this time he began to work with the Pro-Cliche and Mary-Sue Protection Society appearing to oversee the activation of the Fandom Stabilizer and later working with Ekard to rescue Persia from the Society before recruiting her.

He sent Persia to draw a Society agent into the SWAT Kats fandom, allowing a device he had previously planted in the Library to escape through a plothole. He collected the device and leaves, later finding out that the gadget had failed to steal any data and had instead been overwritten with recordings of the Society's Christmas Karaoke.

Currently it appears that Raven is on a mission to hunt down and destroy all of Deraj’s technology and inventions. He saved Ben's life by arriving just in time to subdue Neb/Osiris.


He wields a black sword shaped like a demonic wing. He can summon the weapon at will and project his magic through it. He can fire balls of dark energy from his palm or through his sword or surround himself in an aura of the same energy and move at blinding speeds, attacking his opponent with his sword. He can also generate barriers of dark magic. Raven is a genius in several fields of science, chiefly genetics as well as an accomplished mage. He has altered his Stu powers so that he is completely immune to the effects of the Society's Prohibitors. His powers also stay consistent no matter what fandom he enters and he either can not absorb new abilities or just doesn't feel the need to.