Ramses de la Espada
Name Ramses de la Espada
Gender Female
Age 21
Introduced In "Insert Cheesy Prophetic Dream Here"

Ramses Sanzovar de la Espada is a Level 2 Stu.


Ramses is a minor Sue who took over the Redwall fandom by claiming to be of the bloodline of Martin the Warrior, inheriting Martin's sword and becoming the Abbey Warrior after clearing Mossflower of a horde of vermin Viking-esque bandits. However, it was around that time that the Society was first alerted to Ramses' presence, and sent Cristoph to deal with him as his training mission.

When Ramses discovered Cristoph attempting to arrest him in the Abbey orchard, the two ended up clashing blades, and while Ramses initially had the upper hand, Cristoph managed to reverse the situation with successful use of his black eggs, allowing Cristoph to arrest him.

It's likely he went on a rampage as well when Willowe released the Sues from the basement, though whether he died when Adrian went out in a blaze of glory against Willowe or remains at large is another question; judging by the ratio of deceased to captives, the former is more likely.