Name Purity
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Dramatic Rescue Here"

Purity is one of the Sovereigns, the group of Immaculated Sues and Stus who serve Runoa directly. By the Sue ranking he is defined as Level 10.


Purity is a master of ice moves, but so far very little is known about him.


Purity is tall and slender with pale skin which is almost white. His hair is bluish-white and often has ice clinging to it, and his eyes are glacier blue. He usually dresses in white clothing with a blue hooded cloak.


Like many of the Sovereigns, Purity is dedicated to Runoa and is a ruthless fighter, however he displays calm under most situations.


Purity first appeared during the attempt to rescue Aster, after the Society were split up during the attack on the Mansion. He and Harmony confronted the Society agents who were attempting to flee the mansion. While Harmony soothed the battle, Purity used the distraction to capture everyone by binding their wrists in ice. A timely intervention from Emily saved the agents.

Purity also attacked Adrian and Tash during their anniversary. After trapping Adrian with ice, Purity unsuccessfully attempted to persuade Tash to join him; attacking her following her rejection.

Powers and Abilities[]

Purity’s primary method of attack is his ability to freeze the droplets of water in the air. He can extend this power, by extracting the water from his own body and freezing that, or by freezing the water in someone else’s body.