Natasha "Tash" Marquand
Name Natasha "Tash" Marquand
Gender Female
Age 0
Introduced In "Insert The Gathering Storm Here"

Pseudo-Tash (ナタシャ Natasha) is a Level 8 Sue.


Pseudo-Tash was created by the Sues as a foil for Tash.


Runoa first sent Pseudo-Tash to seduce Adrian and trick all of the other Society Agents to turn against him (after kidnapping the real Tash). Unfortunately, Pseudo-Tash went a little too far and tried to kill Michael when a mysterious man named Saito Hajime stepped in and revealed the truth to the Society. For overstepping her bounds, Pseudo-Tash was subjected to the mercy - or lack thereof - of Runoa.

Pseudo-Tash appeared again in the Death Note fandom, telling Aster that she was "very interesting" to her leader and that "Runoa was merciful". In order to kill Aster, Pseudo-Tash traded half her lifespan for the Shinigami Eyes, and gained the ability to see Aster's lifespan and real name. She failed to kill Aster however, and escaped without a Death Note but with the Shinigami Eyes and half a lifespan.

She gained access to the Library, with the help of Runoa, and fought Marcus. Marcus, however, knocked her out with an umbrella.

As far as the Society know, she is still alive.