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Name Prohibitor
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In "Insert Random Alphanumeric Code Here"

A Prohibitor is a standard-issue gadget used by Society Agents.


Prohibitors are small, bracelet/handcuff like devices, which when attached to Sues or Stus, cancels out all their powers; including their fighting ability, their inexplicable charm, and the lure of their good looks (note that it doesn’t cancel the looks themselves, just the attractiveness that they would normally exhibit), and in a few cases has managed to erase all memory of their Sue-ish actions.

Once attached, it is very difficult to remove a Prohibitor. For any Sue besides the current Lieutenant to do so, it is impossible. For others, including the Society Agents, they can be removed via a key kept in a safe in the Library, or physical means of excessive force, though such power is likely to injure the Sue. The Librarian can remove them with relative ease. Prohibitors are also deadlock sealed, so sonic technology from the Doctor Who fandom will not work on them.

Most Prohibitors go around the wrist, though some have been known to be placed on the neck. These are usually not kept on permanently and replaced with a wrist model after lock-up to avoid any risk of the Sue choking themselves.


Author Blessed Prohibitors

An Author may opt to put an Author's Blessing on a Prohibitor. If a Prohibitor is Blessed in this way, and if the Blessed Prohibitor is put on any character created by that particular Author, the Prohibitor will work without fail, and will attach itself to the character's skin - and life force. If the Blessed Prohibitor is removed from the character by any miraculous means, the character will die. A Blessed Prohibitor placed on a character not created by the Author will be nullified, and will fall right off.

Grappling Prohibitors

The first version of this type of Prohibitor was used in Doug's third mission as an Agent (with Adrian as observer). It works like a grappling hook, grabbing the Sue. There's an automatic electric winch that pulls the Sue closer to the Agent, allowing the Agent to slap on more Prohibitors if necessary. The newest version sends a jolt of electricity into the Sue to prevent any last stands. But production costs are very high due to its nature and thus the Society has only five units as a thank-you gift from the Author. Missions must fulfill two out of the following three criteria to justify the use of a Grappling Prohibitor:

  • Granted permission from one of the four Society Leaders;
  • The target Sue is Level 7 or higher;
  • The fandom is a Black List fandom.

Only seasoned Agents (generally three or more missions) may use this technology; the high costs make it unfeasible to be used by rookies and new Agents due to the potential for carelessness and 'wear and tear'.

Permanent Prohibitors

This type is still being prototyped by the tech labs. This type of Prohibitor is administered to Sues who wish to willingly refrain from being a Sue, and being Permanently Prohibited is a condition of being granted parole. The Prohibitor is basically programmed and carries a form of magic which slowly absorbs into the skin to release its effects. However it may interfere with the restricting powers of a normal Prohibitor, and it can be easily removed physically within the time it is being worn. There is a chance that the Sue will also retain his/her powers during that time.

Once completely absorbed, the Sue's powers are nullified permanently, and no physical means can restore such powers. The Permanently Prohibited Sue must, in order to re-obtain power, receive it in the same legitimate manner a normal character or self-insert would: learn them properly, or get approval from the author.

The procedure of Permanent Prohibition generally takes a couple of hours; the record for the shortest time to finish is currently held by Robert, with only thirty minutes needed.

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