Ruby Heartgold
Princess Ruby Sapphire Emerald Heartgold.JPG
Name Ruby Heartgold
Gender Female
Age 15
Introduced In "Insert Ridiculous Name + A Vampire Here"

Princess Ruby Sapphire Emerald Heartgold is a Level 2 Sue.



Normally she had blonde hair and blue eyes. After removing her limiter, she gained some height, and her hair and eyes became red.


Easily annoyed, arrogant, and pretty creepy after transforming. She's vain as well. Basically, a typical Sue.


She was found in the Rosario + Vampire fandom by Inara. She led Inara on a merry chase before breaking Inara's arm and taunting her. The Sue was shortly after killed by Willie in a somewhat spectacular fashion.


Ruby had great reserves of energy and strength that was typical of a normal vampire in her home fandom; as well, she seemed to have the ability to create doubles of herself.