Plothole Generator
Picture of a Plothole Generator in use.
Name Plothole Generator
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In "Insert Poncey Sounding Elvish Here" (implied usage)

A Plothole Generator is a standard-issue gadget used by Society Agents.


While Plotholes exist on their own (often throughout fandoms and very bad fanfiction), the Society (along with some powerful Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus) have the ability to generate their own. Sues and Stus do this by their own canon bending willpower; however, the Society requires the ability to generate theirs in order to be able to enter or exit the fandom. For this reason, Plothole Generators were created. They function as a small ray-like gun, which upon firing, generate a temporary and controlled (therefore harmless) rip in the fabric of space and time though which people and objects may pass.

The Anti-Cliche and Mary-Sue Elimination Society's Plothole Generators are DNA-coded to each Society agent and carried on all missions. Anyone attempting to use a Society agent's Plothole Generator to enter the Library will be forced back. There may be small electric shocks and loud raspberries blown if attempts continue.

Travelling through a plothole does not - or at least should not - damage one's clothes or equipment. Sometimes things and animals can be brought in through a plothole under certain circumstances: Sues are permitted only once Prohibited, for instance. It is unknown how sterile travel is, giving rise to the concern of spreading fandom-specific bacteria. On a few rare occasions unwanted visitiors have 'hitched a lift'; one example being the (thankfully contained) invasion of Ak'Zahar.


Large-scale Plothole Generator[]

Jared designed a Plothole Generator that can work with a much larger scale. The original purpose of the device was to purge the Library of a tribble invasion. However, it was later discovered that the device could be used to overpower magnetic interference that would interfere with the functionality of regular generators. However, the device was never designed for two-way human travel; it cannot be used to bring people and objects into the Library from fandoms, and it can sometimes make agents who use it feel extreamly nauseous. This limitation is being worked on to make the larger-scale more useful to the Society.

Medium-scale generators are attached to Chevila and Martha, two large vehicles that require a slightly larger hole. The Trident can fit through a normal-sized one.

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