Fetch the shotguns!!

Plot Bunnies are interesting metaphysical creatures that take the appearance of a cute and fluffy rabbit, but upon closer inspection (either through a powerful zoom lens or a person brave or stupid enough to get close enough) their form seems to be made up of a swirl of tiny words.

A Plot Bunny acts as a hook to steer the plot in another direction, or usually to perform a loop-the-loop and a U-turn, and the creatures exist to facilitate this by biting a character. As such they are universally feared and hated by many agents of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society; depending on the type of Plot Bunny, they will either run from or shoot it. Rhia prides herself on being quite the expert on the latter.

Plot Bunny Colours[]

“They make you do what?!”

These seven colours are the only types of Plot Bunny currently known...though there is always the chance that new types could pop up.

  • Black: Black Plot Bunnies cause sickness or injury to interrupt the plot, sometimes to an individual and other times to multiple characters, and in the worst cases - multiple bunny bites, for instance - death.
  • Red: Red Plot Bunnies are also known as 'smut bunnies' or 'lust bunnies'. One bite from this type of bunny can send any character drooling over and chasing after the first character they see with the aim of anything from making out to full-on sex, often without regard for normal orientation, marital status, ethics... These bunnies seem to be the most feared, which is hardly a surprise.
  • Pink: Pink Plot Bunnies are much gentler than their red cousins, being much more about genuine love and romance than rabid sex and heavy petting. While a good hook will enhance the plot and may well be liked, arranging that candlelit dinner could be a large waste of the plot's time.
  • Purple: Purple Plot Bunnies are brainwashing bunnies, causing the bitten victim to act as a double agent or like a zombie. This can cause difficulties in the progression of the plot as the other characters attempt to find a cure (or shoot the bunny).
  • Yellow: Yellow Plot Bunnies change the weather to anything, no matter if the latitude is too warm for that blizzard or the geography is too dry for that cloudburst. They can change the weather even indoors, and as expected this could really 'dampen' the plot as the characters run for cover or wait it out.
  • Brown: Brown Plot Bunnies start McGuffin Quests; a mad rush to find objects that have no relation to anything aside from the fact they must be found. When there has been a bite a large number of stars often appear in random and hard-to-reach places, and as they can be hard to find, this kind of plot bunny can, at its worst, stall the plot for days.
  • White: White Plot Bunnies elicit Big Lipped Alligator Moments, spanning from the momentarily bizarre to the truly nightmarish, and neither of these will have any bearing on or meaning to the plot at all.