Plot Armour
The varying pieces of equipment for the armour.
Name Plot Armour
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In "Insert Another Classic War Story Here"

The Plot Armour is a series of gadgets used by Society Agents.


The Plot Armour is part of the "Plot Armour Project", envisioned by Jared when the Sovereigns posed a threat to Agents of the Society. He deduced that weaker Agents wouldn't be able to stand up against one if being ambushed. So he spoke on a project that would give adequate protection to those agents to give them enough time to run, which included armour likened to riot gear. Doug responded to the idea favourably, and they both worked on the project.

Items Included[]

The Plot Armour being worn.

The first item is a vest that looks like a normal Kevlar vest, but contains non-Newtonian liquid that solidifies when hit by a fast, charged object. It is extremely lightweight, allowing the wearer high mobility. Doug got some excessive first generation armour for Jared to work on, which poses its first problem. These first-gen armour were made to fit muscular soldiers, so Jared made the first addition to it; an auto-fit feature that tightens around the wearer. The second addition were pockets in front of the vest that Agents will be able to keep their gadgets in and retrieve them quickly when needed. Lastly, Jared built in an array of sensors that will track the wearer's vitals and pinpoints their exact location. The electronics were EMP-shielded so it would never fail to function.

The second item is a ray shield, developed by the Author's military contractor, CDTech, for riot policemen. These shields are made out of pure light rays, so they're extremely lightweight. The bracelets that contained them were as small as wristwatches. But the energy to utilize them was heavy. Fortunately, the fuel cell battery that came with it can last at least a year before a change is needed. The shield, however, is not hardened against an EMP blast in order to save costs.

The third item is the Anachron. The Anachron works as a method for Agents to dodge enemy blows. The data that came from the beta testing allowed Charis to perfect the teleportation so that no one would appear in front of the enemy. But the side effects still remain: the Agents, upon returning from the fandom, will shrink to 6-inch figures. This gadget is meant as a last resort and not as an accessory for attacking.

The fourth item is a GPS locator. It tells the Agent their location in any fandom, starting by the fandom's world number, then the location in the world. The infinity sign is displayed when the gadget is in the Library (since it's everywhere and anywhere in the multiverse). It also has a handy built-in watch for Agent coordination. This gadget, however, is not hardened against EMP blasts.

The fifth item is a laptop computer built to military standards. It has EMP shielding, shock proofing, and an extra-thick LCD screen to prevent cracks. The laptop has been built for the sole purpose to locate and connect the Agents anywhere in the multiverse, right down to heartbeat detection. There are only a couple of these in the hands of the Society technicians, so if an Agent wants to utilize the Plot Armour, one must have the technicians observe them first.

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